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AXplorer is a free private and secure online web browser where you can confidently surf the Internet without being tracked. AXplorer also makes it easy to earn rewards while visiting all of your favourite websites by opting into a benefits program where you are able to monetize your browsing data unlike the vast majority of other browsers that exist today

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Getting Started with AXplorer

Referral Rewards

With the AXIA Referral Program, you'll earn AXC anytime your friends or family download AXplorer via your exclusive referral link!

Referral rewards

Own Your Data

AXplorer is a privacy-first browser. Now you can control your data and earn financial rewards while you surf the web.

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Earn AXIA by Browsing

Make AXplorer your default browser and generate a reward instantly. Plus, earn even more when you browse the web, watch ads, take surveys and more.

Earn by browsing

Be Part of the
AXIA Community

AXIA is designed to deliver value to all participants. Any activity on the network brings more value to you and all other community members simultaneously through AXIA's unique tokenomics.


Take Control of Your Online Experience With AXplorer

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