AXIA Technology

An inclusive blockchain protocol with favorable hyper-deflationary tokenomics.


The architecture of the AXIA Network implements true interoperability, resulting in easy innovation and transactional scalability. The blockchain enhances interoperability through its intrinsic design that facilitates the capability for an AllyChain to operate between Solidity-based ERC smart contracts and other blockchains based on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), while communicating with the AXIA CoreChain simultaneously.

Scalable and User Friendly

AXIA is built using a modular and scalable design. The performance and security is fine-tuned to enable developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) with ease. Along with the support for EVM, there is also the ability to utilize and create smart contracts in a simpler, faster and low transaction fee framework to build dApps upon.

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Proof-of-Participation Consensus


Validators stake AXIA Coin to help secure the AXIA Network by validating its transaction proofs. They generate rewards in AXIA Coin for each block published while also gaining the added benefit of the hyper-deflationary tokenomics.


Nominators stake AXIA Coin and help secure the AXIA Network by selecting trustworthy Validators. The process of nominating Validators can be done through AXIA applications.

Supported Features

AXIA applications support all operations related to AXIA Coin, as well as other popular cryptocurrencies. In addition, AXIA applications also serve as the portals through which users can participate in staking.

Transaction History

AXIA applications provide access to all transaction histories, activity logs, balances and various privacy and security features.

Network Architecture


The CoreChain is a layer-0 blockchain protocol that supports and accommodates multiple layer-1 AllyChains as well as the SwapChain and AXChain. The CoreChain acts as a middleware chain on the AXIA Network that manages all Validators and communications, while also allowing for the creation of new AllyChains and ongoing maintenance of active AllyChains.


The AXChain is an application layer that enables developers to easily build dApps and other applications on top of the AXIA Network by offering a new level of convenience for users and assets to exist across multiple blockchains. It is an EVM implementation with its own ledger that is secured and validated through CoreChain Validators, enabling developers to deploy smart contracts on the AXIA Network that are compatible with Ethereum.


The SwapChain is built with AVM (AXIA Virtual Machine), which provides support for creating and exchanging digital properties; it can create digital counterparts for real world instruments with each having a predefined set of rules. The SwapChain also offers APIs to allow for convenient creation and exchange of these digital properties over AVM.


AXIA AllyChains are layer-1 blockchains that run independently of the rest of the network. They are completely unique in terms of their tokenomics and ledger makeup while inheriting some security components from the CoreChain through select Validators. Some AllyChains are also EVM-based and can use cross-chain bridges to complete transfers with other AllyChains.

Hyper-Deflationary Tokenomics

An integral part of the design of AXIA is its unique hyper-deflationary monetary system. AXIA Coin establishes a preferred digital currency through these unique tokenomics. The Total Supply is constantly decreasing due to network participation, staking and activity, which creates scarcity of the network coin.

Coin Burning

The reduction of Total Supply is automatically triggered through any form of participation, activity, staking and a variety of other activities across the AXIA Network and ecosystem. The Total Supply will be decreased by an equivalent amount of AXIA Coins if any of these trigger events take place.

All the transaction fees accrued within the ecosystem and across the network are burned to further reduce the Total Supply in a consistent manner. This enables the potential for the AXIA Network to constantly deliver benefits to AXIA Coin users and ultimately provides them with a preferred digital currency as compared to alternatives.

Stable Gas Prices

The unique algorithm developed by AXIA ensures that the gas price for transactions is predictable and will remain low, while also not being negatively impacted by any expansion or growth in usage of the AXIA Network.

Collective Security and Privacy

The innovative design of the AXIA CoreChain, SwapChain, AXChain and AllyChains allow pooling of security from one to the others. The higher level of security removes concerns of common security threats or attacks so that developers can simply focus on building their products and communities with complete peace of mind.

Easy to Upgrade, Trusted Governance

AXIA is governed with an inclusive, innovative and transparent governance model. AXIA Network participants can be part of the decision making progress with regards to potential enhancements, upgrades and new developments.

Proof-of-Participation (PoP) Consensus

AXIA uses Proof-of-Participation (PoP) as its blockchain consensus algorithm to enable a more inclusive network that allows for a greater level of decentralization, network maintenance and security.

The hybrid design of combining a limited number of Validators with an essentially unlimited number of Nominators creates a highly inclusive blockchain network.

AXIA has simplified the means for people around the world to participate in blockchain technology by ensuring anyone with access to a mobile phone or other electronic device can become a Nominator in the network and begin generating unprecedented rewards.