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Earning Rewards is Easy. Here’s How it Works.

The AXIA Rewards Program lets participants earn AXIA Coin daily just for participating in the AXIA Ecosystem. From using AXplorer to safely and securely browse the web to using AXchat to message with family and friends, all live AXIA apps will allow users to generate AXIA Coin rewards each day.

Visit the Member Rewards Center to see a full breakdown of the AXIA Coin rewards you can earn from your participation.

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Not only does AXplorer give you more control over your own data, it also lets you earn AXIA Coin while you surf the web.

In order to earn, just complete simple tasks like:

  • Making AXplorer your default browser
  • Visiting your favorite websites
  • Soon you’ll be able to earn additional AXIA Coin by watching ads, participating in surveys, and more!
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