AXIA Resources



  • 1) What is AXIA Coin and what makes it digital currency?

    AXIA Coin is the world’s first asset-related global currency, utilizing new and innovative blockchain and smart contract technology standards to upend traditional financial structures, lower participant costs and advance a more equitable and inclusive global economic model. AXIA Coin is designed to be the new reserve currency for the world and its circulating supply is supported by real-world assets.

  • 2) What are the advantages of using AXIA Coin?

    AXIA Coin and its entire related Ecosystem was specifically designed to lower participation costs and deliver constant ongoing value to its community through all its features and offerings, creating a better form of money and helping people around the world grow their wealth over time.

  • 3) What is the difference between AXIA Coin and Bitcoin?

    Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are decentralized and have no associated debt accumulation, like traditional fiat currency. However, its lack of clear intrinsic value and its minimal usage/potential to be utilized as a medium of exchange, renders Bitcoin volatile. Unlike Bitcoin or any comparable digital currencies, AXIA Coin is supported by real tangible assets and utilizes an innovative smart contract technology structure that delivers value back to the AXIA Ecosystem, minimizes volatility, and offers higher levels of utility for everyday purchases. Check out the About page and watch the “AXIA Compared” video from our website to learn more about how AXIA Coin compares to the alternatives.

  • 4) Can I mine AXIA Coin?

    AXIA Coin is money and was purpose-built to operate as a global currency; therefore it is not minable. AXIA covers the cost of “GAS” for all Ecosystem participants so that users are not ever required to hold or use network coins unless they wish to custody AXIA Coin outside of the Ecosystem.

Getting Into AXIA Coin

  • 1) How Can I Access AXIA Coin?

    AXIA Coin is available through AXIA Capital Bank. Simply visit, and follow the sign-up prompts and a wallet will be generated for you. Once you’ve been onboarded into the bank, you will have access to everything you’ll need in order to receive, send or acquire AXIA Coin.

  • 2) What is the AXIA Transaction Link (ATL)?

    AXIA utilizes smart-contract-enabled network logic to move the industry forward and bring decentralization and monetary transparency to bear in the ‘trustless’ world of digital currency. The AXIA Transaction Link (ATL) is a smart contract superstructure that directs value back to you. These smart contracts are open yet immutable programs that define the business rules that underpin all the transactions that take place in the AXIA Ecosystem.

  • 3) Is AXIA Coin available to residents of any country?

    AXIA Coin is available globally, except to those users who fall in the Restricted Jurisdictions* list. (*Restricted Jurisdiction includes: (i) any Financial Action Task Force (FATF) high-risk jurisdiction or a FATF jurisdiction with strategic deficiencies; (ii) Cuba; (iii) Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea); (iv) Iran; (v) Syria; (vi) the Crimea region of Ukraine, or (vii) any jurisdiction for which the sale of Tokens or Redeemable Trust Units, or any offer or solicitation in respect of the Tokens or Redeemable Trust Units, would require registration or licensing not obtained by AXIA or otherwise would be unlawful.)


  • 1) Public and Private Keys

    AXIA has implemented a key storage model that incorporates enterprise systems and data encryption to protect users from potential system attacks that could jeopardize their keys. A user’s public and private keys are tied to a self-selected email address and their system password can always be regenerated if an individual forgets their password, so that they will never lose access to their funds. This system allows AXIA holders to recover their existing keys if lost or forgotten.

  • 2) How do I know that my private keys “warm” and “cold” wallets are secure?

    AXIA wallet services are provided by Balance, a security custodian, which ensures that your private keys are secure by generating and managing them on dedicated hardware, throughout their entire lifecycle. The hardware managing the offline (i.e. “cold”) wallets is kept offline in bank-grade vaults that are access controlled, monitored, and guarded 24/7. The hardware ultimately managing the warm wallets is provided by a cloud infrastructure provider and physically kept in a data center subject to similar protections and restrictions.

Connected Ecosystem

  • 1) What Is The AXIA Ecosystem?

    The AXIA Ecosystem is made up of all the different applications and wallet-connected features available through a variety of AXIA Ecosystem applications such as: AXIA Capital Bank (financial services), AXchat (communications), AXemble (conferencing), AXbox (video streaming) etc… AXIA is changing the current monetary paradigm through its dedication to constant value creation; in other words, delivering free or low-cost services where value is generated and shared among not only the individuals using a service, but by all connected parties within the Ecosystem.

  • 2) What is the benefit of accepting AXIA Coin and connecting into the AXIA Ecosystem for merchants?

    Besides the benefit of accepting a better form of money that reduces a merchant’s embedded service fee costs, all business and charity adopters of AXIA Coin gain access to the AXIA Rewards Platform. By gaining access to this system, a merchant will have the ability to create their own dedicated cashback or loyalty points program. Such programs are typically offered at an on-going cost to a business, but AXIA offers this program and infrastructure for free.

  • 3) What happens as the AXIA Ecosystem grows?

    The more applications that rely on AXIA, the more value will be generated into the AXIA Ecosystem. AXIA is based on a shared prosperity economic model that provides fundamental value back to its users through participation. Therefore, more participation equals more transactions, which in turn presents users with the ability to deepen connections with other members and generate additional value back to the overall AXIA Ecosystem.