The AXIA Network is officially live!

AXIA Coin Migration Portal

Now’s the time to migrate your legacy ERC-20 tokens into the new and improved native coin of the AXIA Network.

Why do I need this upgraded version of AXIA Coin (AXC)?

ERC-20 Token Phase Out

ERC-20 Token Phase Out

Now that the AXIA Network is up and running, the legacy ERC-20 AXIA Coin will cease to have any value or be supported moving forward.

AXIA Network Compatible

AXIA Network Compatible

The updated AXIA Coin is the native currency for the AXIA Network and all its applications.

Medium of Exchange

Medium of Exchange

The currency will soon be usable for transactions globally through AXpay and the AXIA Debit Card Program.



The AXIA Network enhances the hyper-deflationary design of AXIA Coin for the benefit of all participants.

Coin Migration Options

AXIA Capital Bank (Recommended)

AXIA Capital Bank

Members at AXIA Capital Bank will enjoy a seamless migration from their legacy ERC-20 tokens into the upgraded native AXIA Network Coin.

Follow these basic steps to migrate your holdings:

Step 1

Visit the AXIA Capital Bank website and log into your bank account anytime after the AXIA Network mainnet launches at 9 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 28.

Step 2

A pop-up will appear that will enable you to accept the conversion of your legacy tokens into the new AXIA Network Coin automatically.

Step 3

That's it! Your new AXIA Network Coins will appear in your account once the conversion process is complete.

Step 1

Visit the AXIA Capital Bank website and click the ‘Register’ button at the top right of the site.

Step 2

Follow the prompts to sign-up for an account.

AXIA Token Swap Platform

AXIA Token Swap Platform

AXIA has developed a simple and seamless Token Swap Platform that allows for basic migration of AXC ERC-20 tokens into AXIA Network Coins through external wallets.

Follow these basic steps to migrate your holdings:

Step 1

Create a new AXIA Network Coin Wallet address via AXscan or AXwallet (Available on: Google Play Store, Apple App Store)

Step 2

Visit the AXIA Token Swap Platform and log in with your AXIA account. If you do not have one you'll need to create one. KYC is NOT required. If you need to sign up, you can do so here.

Step 3

Once you've signed in, click ‘AXC Wallet’ and enter the AXC Wallet address address you created in Step 1.

Step 4

Click 'Migrate AXC' on the left-hand menu.

Step 5

Enter the number of ERC-20 AXC tokens you have in your external wallet in the ‘Convert’ column. The conversion rate will be applied automatically.

Step 6

Click the ‘Migrate Tokens’ button. You will be taken to the next page. Follow these steps:

Step 7

Scan the QR code (or copy the ERC-20 wallet address provided) to copy the ERC-20 wallet address that you'll need to send your legacy tokens to.

Step 8

Go to the wallet that holds your legacy ERC-20 tokens. Send those tokens to the wallet address you just copied via the QR code (or the ERC-20 address provided in the migration portal) via MetaMask or whichever external wallet you are using.

Step 9

Sign and accept the transaction to complete if required.

Step 10

Check the balance in your new AXC wallet through AXwallet or AXscan. You should have received your new AXIA Network Coins. You're done! (Note: it may take anywhere from just a few moments or up to 24 hours for your new coins to appear depending on the volume of transactions taking place).

Frequently Asked Questions

AXIA Capital Bank members:

-All you need is your AXIA Capital Bank account! Simply log into the portal and your legacy coins will be converted for you!

Non-AXIA Capital Bank members:

-You will need an AXIA SSO log in if you don't have one. It only takes a minute and does NOT require KYC. You can create one here.

-You will need a new AXIA Network AXC Wallet address. You can make one through AXscan or AXwallet (Available on: Google Play Store, Apple App Store)

-You will need the wallet address for the ERC-20 wallet your legacy tokens are held in. Have it ready to copy paste during the migration process.

Step 1 - Download AXwallet through Google Play or the App Store. (Note: If you had a previous version of AXwallet installed during AXIA Network testnet phase, it is recommended that you delete that app and download and install the latest version, which is automatically connected to the AXIA Network mainnet).

Step 2 - Once the app is downloaded, click 'Create Account.'

Step 3 - Enter seed phrase provided in correct order.

Step 4 - Enter your name and create a password.

Step 5 - Go to the dashboard. Your new AXC wallet address will be listed under your name.

Step 1 - Visit AXscan through your web browser.

Step 2 - Go to the ‘Accounts’ tab, click on ‘add account’ and follow the instructions.

Step 3 - Copy your mnemonic phrase somewhere offline and store it safely for future log-ins. Anyone with this seed phrase will have access to your account so do not provide it to anyone under any circumstances.

Step 4 - Choose an account nickname and password.

Step 5 - On the next screen you will see your new AXC Wallet address. It will be listed under the nickname you created. Copy this address and save it for using during the migration process.

Yes! If you're an AXIA Capital Bank member, your migration will be done automatically for you through the banking portal. If you aren't a bank member, you will have to create an AXIA SSO account to use the migration portal. This only take a minute and does NOT require a KYC. You can do so here.

This coin split is being done to ensure that the AXIA Network will immediately be able to enhance the proprietary hyper-deflationary economics of AXC following its mainnet launch. This will provide even more ongoing utility to participants involved in the project going forward. The AXIA Network was built to be the most inclusive blockchain network in the industry and push it into the mainstream. Furthermore, with the enhancements that the AXIA Network will bring to the hyper-deflationary economics as well as the technological advancements, AXC can also be more widely accessible to people around the world to provide more and more positive impact in the future.

The AXIA Network is a completely different blockchain than Ethereum. The legacy ERC-20 wallet address you had was only compatible with Ethereum and will not be usable on the AXIA Network in the future. Instead, your new AXC Wallet address will be used moving forward.

Simply follow the steps listed in the portal above under the 'If you already have an external wallet holding your ERC-20 tokens' category.

Not currently, no. The best option is to create an account at AXIA Capital Bank for a quick and automatic conversion. Alternatively, the AXIA Token Swap Platform is another option.

AXC is the native currency for the AXIA Network. Over time there will be endless options in terms of what you can do with your new coins. At the outset of the network following its official launch that took place April 28, you will be able to stake for up to 192% APR that is compounded daily at AXIA Capital Bank. Soon, AXC will be usable through the AXIA NFT Platform, AXpay and more. AXC will also be launching on global exchanges very shortly!

No, the network launch marks the end of the ERC-20 tokens. They will cease to have value or be able to be utilized moving forward. For these reasons, the coin migrations portal has been created to ensure for the seamless transition from ERC-20 tokens to the upgraded AXIA Network coins.

Very soon. An announcement will be made on the forthcoming launch of the new AXIA Network Coin on multiple reputable global exchanges shortly following the mainnet launch.

Yes, you will have to pay gas fees on the Ethereum network. The exact amount will be dependent on factors like network congestion, etc. Fortunately, moving forward with your new AXIA Network Coins, things like extremely high gas fees will be a thing of the past.

It may take anywhere from just a few moments or up to 24 hours for your new coins to appear depending on the volume of transactions taking place.

Visit, head to the bottom right of the site and click the 'Help' pop-up. Enter in your query and the support team will help you through the process.

Opening an account at AXIA Capital Bank is the recommended option. Once you have an account, simply send the legacy coins to the ERC-20 address in your bank account and they will be automatically converted for you.