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June 9, 2022

The AXIA Network And Its Hyper-Deflationary Token Are Changing A Trillion Dollar Landscape; The AXIA Team Explains How And Why

The AXIA Network and the AXIA Coin expect to change the cryptocurrency landscape. And they appear to have the infrastructure and business plan to do so. Creating the industry’s first hyper-deflationary token, the business model is different, and some say appreciably better than what’s been presented to the industry thus far.

Moreover, as the AXIA team continues to launch innovative products, platforms and services that prove that thesis, they also show that this project is tangible and different from other “visionary” ambitions. In other words, they have a well-designed program in place to drive the AXIA proposition and benefits. To explain how and why its project is different, timely, and necessary, Hawk Point Media provided a forum to the AXIA team. Here’s what they said:

Q. AXIA is differentiated within the industry by its hyper-deflationary design. What exactly does this mean?

The tokenomics of AXIA are completely unique in the industry as the total supply is constantly reducing as a result of any form of participation, staking and other activities across its vast ecosystem.

AXIA establishes a better store of value with a monetary system and tokenomics that goes well beyond what are considered deflationary instruments as AXIA Coin will become more and more scarce over time, which can not only protect purchasing power but can enhance it. This runs contrary to fiat currencies as well as other alternatives and digital assets that have proven to be quite speculative, as seen recently.

AXIA Coin has many utilities; you can currently stake it, spend it in the real world, generate rewards through “Use-to-Earn” AXIA apps like AXchat and AXplorer, and more. The next generation AXIA Network also just went live, which will help supercharge the utility of AXIA Coin via the introduction of many DeFi apps and platforms. The unique economic system and significant amount of utility of AXIA Coin makes it stand in contrast to the rest of the market.

Q. So, the project is quite timely. The markets just witnessed what can happen, and possibly inevitably, in an inflationary coin environment model. Can a similar event to that of Terra and UST be an issue for AXIA?

The AXIA May Founder’s Update actually just went live last month and dove deeply into the Terra (LUNA) situation and the core, fundamental differences between that project and AXIA.

Q. But even though that’s not a possibility because of the business model, would-be participants will still want to understand how the AXIA value is pegged. Can you explain?

AXIA Coin is not pegged nor does it state that it is pegged. That would completely counter the benefits of the project’s innovative, hyper-deflationary economic design.

Q. Participants may also point to high rates of rewards for staking, currently above 90% in some instances. Coverage of Terra pointed to rates at 20% being unsustainable. How is AXIA different in that respect?

AXIA differentiates itself in the industry as it can simultaneously offer the benefit of the innovative network rewards along with the favorable rewards offered at AXIA Capital Bank.

As AXIA Coin is hyper-deflationary there will be a constant decrease of Total Supply over time.The staking model offered by AXIA is designed to generate rewards for participants by providing additional benefits while also ensuring there is a safeguard put in place that takes into account the fact that all currencies (both digital and fiat) are measured on a relative basis.

With AXIA staking rewards, there is also the potential for compounding regardless of how the relative value is measured at any one time. This, along with the knowledge that there is a protective measure in place in the form of the ongoing reduction in Total Supply.

These unique features provide benefits to those who are staking, even as conditions may change throughout the staking term.

Q. With that said, the AXIA Coin is preparing for listing on major exchanges in the near future. How would you explain to participants that the coin represents value at a post-split $1.00 price, and besides supply/demand, how should users gauge the underlying value of the coin to compare against market prices?

Currency themselves are all based on relative value (EUR/USD, BTC/USD, etc.) and AXIA Coin is no exception. One would make a determination based on their own assessment. Characteristics that can be analyzed to assist with an evaluation of how one currency should be priced relative to another are such things as the utility, the economics and the fundamentals behind the currency (and what is representing those fundamentals), the growth potential, or just pure speculation.

Q. Let’s finish with this. Since two weeks ago, it’s fair to say that sentiment in some projects has changed dramatically. Part of the reason is that crypto enthusiasts found out that they were invested in projects with no foundational support. What would you tell those same people looking for a place to put their support towards moving forward?

Do your own research and due diligence. Determine if there are real-world use cases and utility, a true and sustainable model behind what you’re researching, whether or not it can provide benefits over the long term, and how sound the economic design is or whether it’s just based on hype and/or speculation.

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