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October 7, 2021

AXIA Launches AXplorer Browser and Acquires UBDI – Users Can Earn AXC

Leading investment firm, AXIA announces the launch of its AXplorer browser and the acquisition of UBDI. The privacy-focused browser, AXplorer, allows its users to get paid in AXIA Coin, AXC for their everyday online activities. Also, they can customize their privacy settings based on their preferences.

Further, AXIA reveals that they acquired a California-based tech company, Universal Basic Data Income (UBDI). The UBDI acquisition will allow AXIA users to monetize every aspect of their online experience on AXplorer. Also, the rest of its platforms and digital properties. UBDI users can support leading research and analysis organizations ethically.

AXIA founder, Nick Agar says;

Corporations are making billions off the data they harvest without paying users for it. AXIA is going to change the tide and reverse the model.

Interestingly, AXplorer 1.0 will allow users to earn AXC daily for simple tasks such as setting the browser as their default browser. AXplorer will enable users to own their private data and sell it on its marketplace using the built-in AXIA wallet. Plus, AXplorer visitors will soon be able to earn AXC by watching ads, participating in surveys, quizzes, competitions, and other opt-in programs.

AXIA founder affirms;

AXIA is all about providing value to individuals and businesses. AXplorer’s launch will rightfully put the power back in the hands of the people and provide the immediate antidote to the unjust reality we’ve all grown accustomed to. Users can now get value from their data and are always free to choose whether to capitalize on it or not.

AXIA is pioneering the push for providing users full ownership of their data with the AXplorer Browser. The AXplorer Browser protects users from undesired online fingerprinting. At the same time, the browser’s 1.0 launch includes a referral program that will offer users the opportunity to earn AXC once they install the browser. Though, they can only enjoy these features when they use their referral code.

AXIA coin is a unique crypto asset that can be seamlessly integrated into the real-world economy. This means AXC can be a medium of exchange. AXIA coin layout has more store of value than other crypto alternatives. In short, the AXIA coin decreases with all transactions as the fees are automatically burned. In turn, the deflationary mechanism makes the coin more scarce and valuable over time.

Besides these, AXIA pre-installed lots of other platforms into its AXIA Wallet such as the AXIA Capital Bank which offers users banking services for fiat and crypto. Likewise, AXdepot, AXbox, AXtraxx, and their social platforms AXchat, AXemble, AXconnect. AXclusive NFT Marketplace is one of the AXIA forthcoming projects which is set to be launched soon.

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