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January 13, 2022
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AXIA Founder Nick Agar named one of the top "Tech Experts to Turn To in 2022" by LA Weekly

Regardless of your business, technology can improve your effectiveness, efficiency, and reach. From retail to real estate to healthcare and beyond, the latest advancements in technology hold great promise for streamlining systems and enhancing the customer experience. The professionals and companies on this list of tech experts include leaders in their field who stand ready to assist businesses in achieving their mission by leveraging the latest tech innovations.

Liziana Carter/GROW AI

Liziana Carter is the founder and CEO of GROW AI, a chatbot agency that uses conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to instantly connect consumers to eCommerce businesses via Facebook Messenger AI, Instagram DM Automation, and WhatsApp Automation. Carter’s solution helps visitors buy more easily by creating unique experiences at every step of their customer journey. For businesses operating in the world of eCommerce, the solutions that she provides win customers who want to stay, by engaging them in meaningful conversations that are highly contextual to their personal needs, and solve problems at every step on their customer journey. Carter is a former Microsoft Practice Lead, and started GROW AI in 2019. She built a conversational framework that’s designed to deliver predictable and measurable results that drive business growth and improve the brand’s status in front of its audience. Carter’s team custom builds strategies for each client. These strategies tackle the sales, marketing, and operations departments of the online business, and then optimizes and scales them to drive more revenue, leads and automate 80 percent or more of all customer support inquiries through AI. Carter has been featured in Entrepreneur, TechTimes, Business Insider, Yahoo News, The Silicon Review, and other leading publications.

Anil Varghese/Proxima360

Anil Varghese is CEO of Proxima360, a management consulting company that provides solutions for critical business needs within the complex retail landscape. Varghese and the Proxima360 team of talented professionals are experts at closing the gap between businesses and technology, simplifying retail and boosting profits. They bring an unparalleled level of experience that allows for a comprehensive understanding of technical structure and how it best serves the practical needs a retailer requires for success. Among other needs in the retail space, Proxima360 assists with the implementation of ERP solutions, including Oracle and JDA modules. To best serve their retail clients, Proxima360 conducts blueprint sessions that assess client operations and technical infrastructure with the goal of identifying areas of improvement and mapping out action plans that increase productivity and efficiency. Adivino is a software solution developed by Proxima360 that allows retail businesses to quickly react to changing trends by applying machine learning to its financial forecasting models.

Mike Kilian/MVix Digital Signage

Mike Kilian is the Vice President of Business Relations for Mvix Digital Signage, an end-to-end, full-service company that provides digital signage solutions. Mvix provides complete project management for its clients, including digital signage implementation, managed services, and custom content creation, incorporating technology that has been shown to increase sales, reduce costs, modernize facilities, and enhance customer experience. Its clients include corporate offices, hospitals, schools, worship venues, and restaurants. Its strengths include providing solutions that feature ease of use, affordable cost structures, and a comprehensive suite of content options. With Mvix’s enterprise-grade solutions, users gain access to a dynamic and visually attractive communication solution that empowers them to better inform, entertain, educate, and communicate with customers, students, employees, and guests.

Unionly/Scott Heric

Unionly is a digital payment platform built on the mission of giving organized labor control of their financial destiny. Recognizing that the majority of unions accept only cash or check, with little or no visibility into or control of digital revenue generation, Scott Heric launched Unionly in April 2020 to bring much needed modernization to the processes employed by unions to drive financial projects. The Unionly platform allows clients to easily and efficiently collect dues, accept donations, sell merchandise, and facilitate any digital transaction to support their organization. As a leader in the field of digital fundraising, Heric brings to Unionly a deep understanding of the ways in which the inefficiencies of outdated payment systems cost organizations and their supporters. Unionly was designed to usher unions into the future of fundraising, as well as protect them from becoming the victims of fraudulent fundraising platforms. By providing a secure, online, mobile-friendly, and cost-effective way to raise funds, Unionly not only streamlines financial processes but also empowers unions to grow membership and build community more effectively.

VBO Tickets/David Boehme

VBO Tickets is empowering organizations around the world by providing total ticketing engagement solutions. The VBO Tickets cloud-based ticketing and event management platform integrates with any sales method to streamline ticket sales in whatever digital space an organization is using to promote its events. Its white label approach means patrons stay with the client throughout the ticketing process and payments on all sales are delivered directly and instantly. By providing a built-in CRM, VBO Tickets allows organizations to not just sell tickets, but build relationships with their patrons and provide just-in-time information on future events through data-driven marketing. Led by founder and technology innovator David Boehme, VBO Tickets has a decade of experience in streamlining processes, boosting productivity, and growing revenue streams for colleges and universities, museums, theaters, clubs, performing arts venues, festivals, and sports events.

Nick Agar/AXIA Coin

Nick Agar is the founder and visionary behind AXIA, a non-profit blockchain-powered project that is pursuing the goal of creating a more inclusive and just financial system for the unbanked and all others around the world. The revolutionary AXIA Coin tackles the issues that have become increasingly prevalent with currencies stricken by inflation like the US dollar, which robs individuals of purchasing power over time. AXIA Coin is the world’s first hyper-deflationary digital currency, with a supply that constantly reduces over time through the burning of coins. As AXIA Coin becomes more scarce due to its superior economic design, the holders of AXIA Coin have the potential to enhance their purchasing power. On top of having the protection against loss of value, there is the associated AXIA Ecosystem that includes a suite of unique privacy focused “use-to-earn” apps that help remove the barriers to entering the world of cryptocurrency and allow individuals and businesses to be rewarded for the online activity they were already doing every day. With AXIA slated to launch its own blockchain network in Q1 2022, Agar will undoubtedly be one to watch out for in the new year.

Laura Miller/TempDev

Laura Miller is the CEO of TempDev Inc., a premier NextGen Healthcare professional services and technology firm that is known for innovative and forward-thinking consulting services. TempDev works with the largest medical groups, private equity firms, and ASCs in the country to improve user experience, streamline workflows, assist with revenue cycles, and acquire, report, and analyze clinical and financial data. As the COVID-19 pandemic brought new challenges to the world of healthcare, TempDev stepped up to serve its clients with solutions that reduced the administrative burdens related to providing the COVID vaccine. TempDev’s experience in providing consulting on Electronic Health Records and Practice Management to some of the largest healthcare systems in the nation uniquely positions its team to guide organizations in assessments, optimization, implementation, training, staff augmentation, and custom development. As the world of healthcare grows ever more complex, TempDev partners with its clients to provide innovative solutions that improve operational, clinical, and financial performance.

VIE Healthcare Consulting/Lisa Miller

VIE Healthcare Consulting has helped organizations in the field of healthcare save more than $1 billion through the application of its unique Comprehensive Cost Savings Solution. Drawing upon the frontline experience that she obtained educating physicians and nurses in the use of new equipment and products, CEO Lisa Miller brings unique insights to VIE clients that allow them to reduce their costs, increase their financial performance, improve patient engagement, and optimize operations such as data analytics and telehealth. Miller’s upcoming book The Entrepreneurial Hospital guides hospitals in providing exceptional patient care and increasing profits by adopting an entrepreneurial mindset. VIE’s driving goal is to help hospitals protect their margins so they can provide exceptional patient care. Its patented technology analyzes purchased services to provide unparalleled insight into historical spending and uncover hidden opportunities for financial optimization. By combining its technical solutions with expertise in the complexities of purchased service agreements, VIE gives its clients unrivaled insight into areas of potential cost savings.

Meet Elise/Minna Song

MeetElise is modernizing the manual home-leasing process by providing real estate companies with the industry’s leading AI Leasing Assistant. By seamlessly synching with the industry’s leading property management softwares and CRMs, MeetElise unleashes the power of AI at every point in a prospective renter’s journey, nurturing prospective residents 24/7 via email, text, and chat. MeetElise provides a high-touch experience for the renter journey that generates more tours with less work from real estate staff. As a result, MeetElise improves conversions, increases agent productivity, and decreases the number of days in which rental properties remain on the market. Led by co founder and CEO Minna Song, MeetElise is on an unhinged mission to make finding housing as seamless as possible for all. By leveraging cutting edge technology to reduce operational costs in the rental industry, MeetElise is contributing to a future in which housing is economical, powered by technology, and accessible to all.

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