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March 11, 2022

AXIA Project Update on Ukraine

This is an important update outlining the impacts that the conflict in Ukraine has had on the AXIA Project family and on what AXIA is doing to support those who have been affected by this senseless war.

The AXIA Project is, at its core, a non-national global organization made up of people seeking a more fair, equal and just economic system. The project provides opportunities for advancement in ways that have not existed previously. As such, AXIA possesses a diverse and global team of talented men and women who have contributed in countless ways to make it what it has grown to become.

Many of those talented individuals are from Ukraine. Until recently, they were actively contributing to the development of a variety of AXIA applications through their technical, engineering, design, quality assurance and support skills.

Upon the commencement of the war, many have had to go into hiding, escape to other parts of the country or leave Ukraine altogether to find shelter and safety.

To all of them: the AXIA team wants you to know that you and your families are of great importance to us and are continually in our thoughts and minds.

As a small gesture of support, AXIA has committed to - through its community and other public initiatives - donate weekly to a variety of causes geared towards easing some of the suffering of those caught in this conflict. AXIA will continue to do so until the war ends and our contributors are back in their homes and have returned to their roles inside the AXIA Project.

This note is also intended to let the global community of engaged AXIA supporters know that while the war has had a material impact on our team, that the AXIA Project remains committed to execute on its plans. These include: moving the AXIA Network from testnet to mainnet, evolving the services at AXIA Capital Bank, launching the AXIA Tel suite of telecommunications services, and continuously developing the decentralized economic system and services that will help bring the AXIA vision of providing a meaningful, sustainable and growing positive impact to the world.

Due to the most unfortunate present circumstances in Ukraine, there could be some very slight delays in terms of fulfilling the expected timelines for certain aspects of the project. A fulsome announcement with updated project timelines will be shared in the near term that outlines the path ahead in an increasingly turbulent world, with a continued focus and commitment on you, our community. Any delay(s) will be short lived as contingency plans have been or are already being put in place.

AXIA is about people first above all else, no matter what issues they are facing or where they may be in the world. We stand together against intolerance, hatred and war. We stand in support of our colleagues in Ukraine. And we stand united in our desire to make this world a better place for all.