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March 18, 2022

AXIA Project Update — March 2022

How a month can fly by working in the blockchain industry and the last four weeks was no exception. Despite the incredibly difficult situation in Ukraine impacting a number of AXIA team members, the project has continued to move forward and accomplished a number of important goals throughout February and early March.

As we approach the end of Q1, it is an incredibly exciting and pivotal time for the AXIA Project and its entire global community. With the AXIA Network now in testnet and the AXIA Capital Bank 2.0 platform launching imminently, the project is on the brink of taking on an entirely new level of importance in the blockchain space, and the international finance industry as a whole. The forthcoming launch of the AXIA Network mainnet will position AXIA as a primary competitor to some of the leaders in the space that have launched their own L1 blockchains, while the new banking platform will allow the project to further bridge the worlds of traditional finance and crypto.

January and February were extremely productive periods for the project and the remainder of March and the beginning of April will be no different. I continue to be blessed to be working with such a talented and dedicated team. Words cannot describe the passion I have for the potential that AXIA has to dramatically improve the lives of billions around the world.

Please read on for this month’s full updates.

AXIA Network is officially in testnet

In late February, the AXIA Network testnet was officially unveiled to the world. This launch made good on one of the project’s primary goals of launching its own L1 blockchain that aims to solve many of the deficiencies with 1st and 2nd generation networks. Specifically, the network will alleviate issues related to congestion, high fees, slow speeds, wealth concentration and a lack of decentralization, energy inefficiency, and a lack of interoperability. Additionally, the AXIA Network will be the most inclusive network to-date via the removal of barriers to entry with innovative ways to allow more individuals to join the network. One example of this is the Mobile Staking feature that will allow users to earn AXIA Coin rewards by being a Nominator on the network through a simple app on their cell phone or other electronic devices.

The AXIA Network testnet phase is giving developers the opportunity to explore the blockchain and will expand the utility offered on the network through a variety of partnerships. This will be done in coordination with other important initiatives that will encourage adoption such as hackathons, grant programs and bug/bounty programs.

AXIA Capital Bank 2.0 launch is imminent

The AXIA team has been working hard behind the scenes on the new and enhanced AXIA Capital Bank 2.0 platform that is optimized for integration with the AXIA Network blockchain. The new banking platform will allow members to have a more user-friendly experience as well as enjoy more functionality that will be added to expand the services and the utility that members can receive at the bank. Instructional communications have been sent out this week ahead of the migration to the new platform, which will take place over this coming weekend.

Following the upgrade new services and features will continue to be integrated into AXIA Capital Bank on an ongoing basis, such as AXpay and other innovative platforms that will help set it apart from alternatives.

AXIA Tel pre-orders are being prepared for shipment

In last month’s project update, I outlined that pre-orders for the AXIA Tel Encrypted Smartphone were nearing completion of fulfillment. That has now been achieved and the phones are being prepared for international shipment. Despite slight delays related to the development team and its ongoing situation in Ukraine, the phones are expected to ship out in late March and be in the hands of all pre-order participants shortly thereafter.

The AXIA Tel Encrypted Smartphone will operate on the proprietary AXIA Secure OS and come pre-loaded with all the AXIA apps for a seamless experience. As more apps are released, auto-updates will ensure they are added to the phone with ease. Users will also be able to access Mobile Staking on the AXIA Network post-network mainnet launch via the phone, which will allow them to earn daily AXIA Coin rewards as a Nominator on the network.

AXIA Community Engagement

The AXIA Project’s focus on community engagement and growth has continued into March as myself and the team have worked to educate AXIANS across the globe on all that the project has to offer. Here is a glimpse of some of the activities that have taken place since the last update:

  1. Three new AXIA blogs have gone live covering AXIA Coin burning, the AXIA Network and the AXIA Encrypted Smartphone.
  2. The AXIA Discord server was reconfigured to coincide with the testnet launch specifically to help foster a developer community; the server has now surpassed 500 members and more are joining everyday.
  3. AXIA has now participated in four AMAs in 2022, including one just this morning with the popular Crypto Eagles community. There is another AMA scheduled for next Friday, March 25 @ 11 a.m. ET with the Obsidian Council and I look forward to joining the passionate community of crypto enthusiasts and developers.
  4. Weekly contests have continued to run across the AXIA social media channels to support the community’s amazing creativity, including a HAIKU contest, an Acrostic Poem contest, Caption contests, and more! Right now there are also two Merch Giveaways (Twitter/Instagram) ongoing as the team offers up the final items from the original AXIA merch collection ahead of the launch of the new merch store that is being unveiled shortly.

These initiatives will continue to expand and the AXIA team is really excited to unveil more community growth and engagement initiatives in Q2.

AXIA offers support for its Ukraine-based team members

If you are up-to-date on AXIA newsletters, you will have already read the communication that went out last week outlining the project’s ongoing support for its Ukraine-based team members. For those that missed it, here is a recap:

The AXIA Project is, at its core, a non-national global organization made up of people seeking a more fair, inclusive, productive, just economic system. The project provides opportunities for advancement in ways that have not existed previously. As such, AXIA possesses a diverse and global team of talented men and women who have contributed in countless ways.

Many of those talented individuals are from Ukraine.

Until recently, they were actively contributing to the development of a variety of AXIA applications through their technical, engineering, design, quality assurance and support skills. Upon the commencement of the war, many have had to go into hiding, escape to other parts of the country.

I am astonished by their resilience and bravery. While myself and the other team members not in Ukraine want only for their safety at all times, these incredible people in the little time they even have a connection to the internet are still trying to contribute to the project as best they can even under the most dangerous circumstances where the lives of themselves and their loved ones are under constant threat. Their unwavering commitment is so above and beyond what anyone can and should expect. We reassure them that our concern only remains for them and their respective families and all the people who are living in such perilous conditions. Our thoughts remain only towards ways we can provide support.

AXIA stands firmly against war and centralized power.

As a gesture of support, AXIA has committed to — through its community and other public initiatives — donate to a variety of causes geared towards easing some of the suffering of those caught in this senseless conflict. AXIA will continue to do so and its contributors and their families are back in their homes where they can live in a safe and healthy environment.

More announcements will be forthcoming regarding these initiatives.


Each month more and more anticipation builds for the future of this project and the potential it has to be an industry leader.

The AXIA Network testnet launch set the foundation for the blockchain’s mainnet launch which is now right around the corner. The mainnet launch is truly the moment that can catapult AXIA to the next level, as it will be able to deliver a series of innovative DeFi platforms (both built in-house and by external developers) to the world.

AXIA Capital Bank will remain an extremely important component of the AXIA Project and the 2.0 version will open up a window of new possibilities for new and existing members. The launch will make the platform more user-friendly and offer a variety of new services that will only continue to grow over time; this will assist with the global adoption of the banking platform and AXIA as a whole.

Above all AXIA continues to pursue its long-held goal of creating a positive impact for people around the world. That goal continues to become more realized each and every day and will never change, regardless of new product launches and other developments.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support. In crypto, a popular moniker is that ‘we are still early.’ When it comes to AXIA, this couldn’t be more true. While the project has made great strides and significant accomplishments have taken place already, some of the forthcoming launches are where we will truly begin to see what AXIA can bring to the market and the industry on a global level. AXIA still hasn’t even scratched the surface of what it can do and what it can bring to the world.

So glad you’re here for the journey — a journey that is still very much in the starting gates.

Please keep your eyes out for my next update in April regarding more news on the developments outlined here, with the knowledge there is much more to come beyond this for everyone in the AXIA community.

Yours very truly,

Nick Agar