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February 12, 2022
By admin-pat

AXIA Project Update  -  February 2022

I am pleased to have the opportunity to provide another holistic update on the progress of AXIA as we move towards the second half of the first quarter. The next six weeks are going to be an exciting period for the project. The entire team that spans the globe is getting prepared to do their part to introduce AXIA as a major challenger in the blockchain and crypto industry and beyond.

There has been a great deal of work occurring behind the scenes in the lead up to some of the key launches that are on the horizon for AXIA. As a result of the significant time and effort that has been put in by the team, several key platforms are on the cusp of going live. These include the Real-Time Reporting Platform, the AXIA Tel Smartphone, and what I view as a real game changer in the market, the AXIA Network, which we expect to create an entirely new standard for the industry as a whole.

In this update, I will provide an overview of all the items mentioned, as well as other important progress that has occurred since the beginning of the New Year. On behalf of myself and the entire AXIA team, we could not be happier to have all of you along for the ride on this journey with us. These major launches only represent the initial stage of fulfilling the potential of AXIA.

Major impact of hyper-deflation to start the year

As everyone in the AXIA community knows by now, the burning model enables more scarcity to be created for AXIA Coin, which is to the great benefit of all holders and participants. Token burning in this case enables a hyper-deflationary effect to take hold. When items become more rare their value can be enhanced due to the lack of availability; simple supply and demand economics. When you have a currency that has been architected to decrease in supply based on any form of participation, staking or activity within the ecosystem, you are assured it will become more scarce over time. With increased velocity alongside significant growing utility, the impact of this enhanced value can be even greater as a result of this continued increase in rarity. AXIA Coin can fulfill its purpose to be both a preferred store of value and medium of exchange because of the unique overall tokenomics that it offers its participants, which are designed to be completely uncorrelated to global markets and the economy.

Knowing the AXIA Network is closer to launch than ever before, the token burning has been accelerated to ramp up the hyper-deflationary benefits of AXIA Coin. A minimum of 3.5 billion AXIA Coins are being burned on a weekly basis and permanently removed from Total Supply until the network has gone live to the public. This is making all of the AXIA Coins you hold much more scarce that much faster on a weekly basis. 19.5 billion+ AXIA Coins have already been burned. And that number is only going up going forward. This means that come the time of the AXIA Network launch, there will be many billions less AXIA Coins available than there were heading into 2022 — a significant advantage for all the holders and project adopters today.

Two AXIA “Use-to-Earn” apps are now live

After several months of development, AXchat recently became the second “Use-to-Earn” app in the AXIA Ecosystem that rewards its users for their everyday usage. Now, you can earn AXIA Coin daily when you use both the AXplorer Browser and AXchat, which immediately doubles the rewards that can be generated for individuals just for doing what they were already doing before. Those that are involved in generating these AXIA Coin rewards today are able to tap into the value that a hyper-deflationary economic system creates. Users can check their rewards daily through the AXIA Member Rewards Center.

More “Use-to-Earn” apps will be released throughout the year.

AXIA Tel pre-orders fulfillments begin this month

Production is nearing completion on the first round of AXIA Tel Smartphones. The phones allow AXIA participants to enjoy an unprecedented level of privacy and security when it comes to talking, texting and browsing. Shipments will begin at the end of this month. An email will be sent to all pre-order participants with the full details of when they should receive their device and how to begin using it.

Following the fulfillment of pre-orders, the public sale will commence shortly thereafter.

As with all of the offerings in the AXIA Ecosystem, all the value that is generated from AXIA Tel does not go to a for-profit company. Instead, it goes directly to the holders and users of AXIA Coin.

The offerings available through AXIA Tel will also be expanding beyond smartphones and favorable phone plans in a way that can take this initiative to a whole new level. Myself and the team are very much looking forward to sharing news regarding this in an upcoming update.

Community engagement remains a major project focus

Leading into 2022, AXIA announced that community engagement and growth would be a major focus this year and beyond and this process has begun over the last five weeks. At a glance, here is a look at some of the initiatives that have been implemented as a result of this progression:

  1. Weekly AXIA blogs have gone live including a new “AXIA 101” educational series on everything AXIA. To read through these blogs, visit our profile.
  2. The AXIA Discord server has been reconfigured ahead of the testnet launch specifically to help foster a developer community that will build on the AXIA Network and have a stake in the project.
  3. AXIA has participated in three AMAs already this year with the Crypto Miners, Decentralized Club and Crypto Titans communities respectively. This has introduced the project to over 200,000 new people globally and increased the social following of AXIA significantly.
  4. New project team members have joined to expand the project’s development capacity, as well as individuals who will focus on community growth, engagement and enhancement.

All of these initiatives will continue, and many more will be added to continue to expand the international AXIA community moving forward.

AXIA Network testnet nearing launch

If you look at many of the most successful crypto projects over the last several years, there is a common theme: the majority of them have launched their own networks. This is not a coincidence, as it allows a crypto project to truly develop and nurture an entire global community of individuals, developers and other enthusiasts that can attain a stake in and/or build on that network. This increases visibility of a project, provides for added utility and, in the case of AXIA, will only serve to heighten the hyper-deflationary economic model and opens the door for people around the world to participate with the project to take advantage of all of the innovative offerings and utility available.

The AXIA Network has been in development for multiple years and is finally nearing the official launch of its testnet. The testnet phase will allow developers to “test” out the network, begin to get a feel for all the strategic advantages it offers over alternatives, and increase the awareness and utility of the AXIA Project.

Once testnet launches, several strategies will commence aimed at cultivating and continually growing the developer community and augmenting the already significant existing value of the network prior to the launch of mainnet.

Without giving too much away, here are some things that the AXIA community has to look forward to when it comes to the AXIA Network as compared with alternatives:

  • The first ever hyper-deflationary network — offering superior economics to what exists in the market today
  • More inclusivity and removal of barriers to entry to bring blockchain technology to the masses
  • Mobile Staking — now anyone with a smartphone or other electronic devices can be part of the network and generate more favorable rewards themselves
  • Unrivaled Staking rewards
  • Higher level of decentralization
  • More energy efficient
  • Complete interoperability
  • Low fees (which are burned) — which add value rather than subtracting it
  • High throughputs

The AXIA Network will help catapult the project as one to be reckoned with, take the blockchain industry to the mainstream, and change the lives of people for the better around the world.


It is an incredibly exciting time ahead for everyone who is part of AXIA.

Those who know me have heard me say even as recently as today: “Nothing has happened yet.”

I feel we are just at the inception point. AXIA has the potential to truly make a lasting imprint and do some very special things for those who are with us today and who will be with us tomorrow.

AXIA is ultimately about delivering value in a fundamental and sustainable manner to each and every participant, and creating a positive impact for people around the world. The vision may expand in scope, but that mission will never change.

Your continued support is more than appreciated. Our greatest desire is that you will be rewarded in ways over time in a manner that may not be fully conceptualized today.

Please keep your eyes out for my next update in March. I am looking forward to sharing what will be much more news at that time.

Yours very truly,

Nick Agar