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September 2, 2022

AXIA Network Updates


It’s shaping up to be a very productive fall for the AXIA Project. But, before sharing a number of updates on what the next few weeks and months will look like for AXIA, there is an exciting piece of news to share: the security audit for the AXIA Network V2 has officially been completed and the blockchain has passed its inspection. This means that after the significant amount of upgrades and development that have recently taken place on the network, it is nearly time to launch the V2 to the public, welcome participants into network governance, and unveil a series of dApps that have been custom built for the blockchain.

AXIA would like to thank the community for its patience and understanding as the project team took a series of integral steps towards solidifying the long-term future of the AXIA Network throughout the summer. Now that the blockchain has been thoroughly and rigorously tested as far as scalability and security is concerned, it’s time to move towards the project’s next chapter. Please read on for the full updates.

Security audit findings

AXIA has historically utilized the services of both PeckShield and SlowMist for auditing services. While the former was initially signed on for the recent audit of the AXIA Network, the team ultimately wound up moving forward by tapping into SlowMist’s expertise instead due to how scheduling and availability lined up for all of the organizations in recent months.

The AXIA Network V2 has passed its initial security audit.

As aforementioned, the security audit is now complete and the AXIA Network has passed inspection with nothing but minor feedback provided by the SlowMist team. You will be able to read the official findings of the security audit via the official AXIA Network Wiki page once the network goes public.

AXIA Network governance

The AXIA team looks forward to welcoming new participants into the AXIA Network to take part in its governance very soon. For anybody unfamiliar, blockchain-based governance is the ability for stakeholders to have a say in the future of a network through decentralized voting protocols. Public governance on the AXIA Network will open in September; anybody will be welcome to submit proposals which can then be voted on by all AXIA Coin users across the project’s vast ecosystem.

All AXIA Ecosystem users will be invited to participate in the governance of the AXIA Network.

An overview of how governance will work on the AXIA Network will be going live on AXIA.global in detail in the very near term and the ability to submit proposal will follow soon thereafter.

AXpay will become universal AXIA Ecosystem wallet

The AXIA team has decided to focus on the long-term, continued development of AXpay as the network, project and ecosystem’s official wallet. AXpay will become the portal to the AXIA Network, through which participants can take part in staking, governance, and other blockchain-related activities.

Another key piece of news that the team is excited to share is that AXpay will be upgraded to offer both a custody and self-custody wallet for AXIA participants. This development will continue to help push AXIA forward towards becoming one of the most inclusive and decentralized projects in the space.

AXpay will be utilized for a wide variety of different use cases within the AXIA Ecosystem.

As a result of the team’s focus on AXpay moving forward, AXwallet, which was released to support the launch of the V1 of the AXIA Network, will not be further utilized and supported moving forward and will eventually be phased out from the AXIA website, the app stores and generally across the project.

Important notice for all community members

Anybody that does not currently have an AXpay wallet or AXIA Capital Bank membership will need to download the AXpay app to upgrade their coins to be compatible with the V2 of the AXIA Network.

All AXIA Coins must be upgraded to be compatible with the AXIA Network V2.

Anybody that already has their AXIA Coin in an AXpay wallet or in an AXIA Capital Bank account will automatically have their coins upgraded for network compatibility. The AXIA community — both inside and outside of the bank — will be notified once the upgrade is available.


The completion of the AXIA Network V2 security audit was a pivotal step in terms of onboarding new users and applications into the project this fall. The time has nearly come to issue public invitations for participants to join the network as Validators and Nominators, take part in governance and/or contribute to the ongoing development and near-term launches for a number of the dApps that are on the way.

An updated Whitepaper is going to be going live shortly that includes all of the updates, upgrades and enhancements to the AXIA Network and ecosystem. Additionally, a number of changes will be coming to AXIA.global to provide information and resources that highlight how all project participants and community members can get involved on the network moving forward.

Thank you for your continued support and please watch out for some fast and furious updates both in the community and across the ecosystem itself in the coming days and weeks.