Medium Network Update 1
January 16, 2022

AXIA Network Update and New Project Initiatives

Last week, a project update was issued by AXIA Founder Nick Agar that set the stage for what is shaping up to be a monumental year for AXIA. Following that announcement, the new AXIA website was launched, as well as new content teasing out some of the innovative features of the soon-to-come AXIA Network.

Building on that announcement, the AXIA Project is thrilled to announce that the official AXIA Network launch is now close at hand. It is currently running in testnet, which will be made available to the public in very short order. As it was announced in the teaser content, this will be taking place before the end of Q1 this year.

As the launch of the network approaches, the AXIA team is also very excited to announce a few more exciting new initiatives for the community that will continue to foster global adoption and raise awareness of AXIA.

New User Coin Burn

Starting immediately, for each new registered user of any AXIA Ecosystem application, 20 AXIA Coins will be burned. This will serve to further heighten the favorable hyper-deflationary model of AXIA, knowing that the more community members take advantage of the rewards and benefits that are offered through AXIA Capital Bank, AXplorer and all the upcoming applications, platforms, and exciting new features that will be available within the AXIA Network, the more value will be delivered for all participants of the project.

This is yet another coin burning initiative that will provide additional rewards in which the benefits will be felt for existing participants and new participants simultaneously. It is also a way for current participants to immediately create value for themselves knowing that they can enhance the hyper-deflationary tokenomics by making AXIA Coin more scarce that much faster. This new development will supercharge the project’s hyper-deflationary economics, contributing further to AXIA Coin becoming more and more scarce over time.

Largest AXIA Coin Burn To-Date

Building even more momentum further to this new burn initiative and the move to the new network, AXIA will also be executing a sizeable coin burn from the total supply in the multiple billions of AXIA Coin this evening. This will kick-off the new initiative as well as the move towards the new network and the shift towards the AXIA Treasury and Real-Time Reporting Platform that was outlined in Agar’s recent project update. Prior to the project’s favorable decision to shift to the hyper-deflationary tokenomics model that will be further enhanced with the release of the Network, coins were set aside that will now be burned and provide immediate value.

AXIA Coins from the Total Supply can only either be exchanged for an asset or burned. In the case of AXIA Coins being exchanged for an asset, the AXIA Treasury value will increase, while a simultaneous burning of the equivalent amount of AXIA Coins will take place. Additionally, AXIA Coin can further be immediately burned through staking, generating rewards and other activities in the ecosystem to provide more additional value. This offers all participants a unique value proposition for a digital currency which can not only protect value, but enhance it.

These sizeable burn parameters not only signify the offering of constant new benefits that will be derived from new participants, but also the project’s shift towards the new network. The enhancement of the hyper-deflationary tokenomics means that the velocity of the burn rate will only continue to grow over time with the new AXIA Network and continually provide even more value in the future.

For more information regarding this new initiative and the overall tokenomics, please review the updated White Paper via the AXIA website to learn more.

A new blog post will also be released shortly that specifically outlines the project shift from the AXIA Reserve to the AXIA Treasury model and will also detail the launch of the Real-Time Reporting Platform and its significance for AXIA and the world at-large.

AXIA remains the first-ever hyper-deflationary digital currency with one-of-a-kind economics designed to provide value to all participants on an ongoing basis.

Tune in this evening via any of the AXIA social channels or in the official AXIA Telegram community to hear the exact amount of AXIA Coin that was burned this week! Exciting times are ahead as the project moves into its newest phase and more big news can be expected very soon.