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August 20, 2022

AXIA Discord Enhancements


A series of exciting developments and additions are coming to the AXIA Discord server, starting today and continuing into this fall. Today’s blog post will outline the server enhancements that are going live today and next week, why they are being implemented, and the benefits they can deliver to the AXIA Discord community moving forward.

A number of milestones and progressions will be taking place across the AXIA Project in the coming weeks and months, including the completion of the AXIA Network’s security audit, the launch of AXswap and other dApps, and more! Alongside these launches, the team will also be prioritizing the growth and engagement of the project’s Discord server, which is one of the primary community hubs for AXIA. Read on to learn more about two additions that are coming to the server right away.


The AXIA team cares about rewarding its loyal and engaged community on a regular basis. One way that the project will be doing that moving forward is through daily AXIAN LOOT QUESTS that will be taking place inside of the Discord server.

Win AXC prizes up to 4 times per by being quick on the draw!

AXIAN LOOT QUESTS are very simple and this is how they will work:

  1. Every 6 hours an AXIAN LOOT QUEST link will be dropped into the general-chat channel. Only 5 community members will be able to click on this link and then it will be closed, so you’ll have to be quick!
  2. The first 5 community members to click on the link will be added to a second Discord server. At that point, one final link will appear.
  3. Whichever community member in the second server clicks on the final link first will be added to the VICTORY SERVER and will have won the quest. They will receive 10 AXC for winning this quest.

A new AXIAN LOOT QUEST link will appear in the #general-chat channel once every 6 hours at a random time. So, you’ll have four chances per day to take part in the quest and can win an unlimited number of times.

This is a fun game designed to reward the most engaged participants in the AXIA community. Happy questing!

Arcade games with prizes

Another exciting new gamification of the AXIA server is the addition of a trio of arcade-style Discord bot games. Each of the three channels feature pinned messages that explain how the games work, which commands you can use, and other details that are relevant as you begin your journey with each of them. The three initial games that will be added are as follows:

  1. Pokemon — A bot-powered version of everyone’s favorite childhood Game Boy game.
  2. Trivia Bot — A multiplayer game in which different community members can test their general knowledge against one another.
  3. Virtual Fisher — An interactive fishing game in which you can buy gear, catch fish and sell them for prizes or other swag.
Three new arcade-style bot games are going live, but who will be crowned champion each month?

As promised, AXIA will be providing the monthly champions of these three games with a great prize: 250 AXC will be awarded every month to whoever has accumulated the most winnings in each of the three games’ native currencies. Stat commands allow the team to see who has been the most successful each and every month. The first round of prizes will be awarded on September 15, 2022.

Happy gaming and good luck!


The arcade games will all be added to the server today, Friday, August 19, 2022. Anybody in the community can feel free to ask for more information related to the games in the #questions channel and the community team will get back to you.

The AXIAN LOOT QUESTS will begin on Monday, August 22, 2022. The first link will be posted sometime between 12:01 and 5:59 a.m. ET and then a new link will be going live over every 6 hour slot that follows, as outlined earlier in the blog.

These are only two in a series of exciting additions coming to the Discord. The team looks forward to revealing more on its plans to continue to expand and enhance the project’s server moving forward.