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April 1, 2022



While the cryptocurrency space is largely defined by innovative technology and the attempt to break away from the clutches of highly centralized institutions and corporations, no projects in this space are successful without one key ingredient: a strong community.

From ‘Link Marines’ (Chainlink) to Bitcoin Maxis, all of the leading crypto projects are, in some way, defined by their loyal and dedicated communities. AXIA is no different, having built an incredibly passionate and supportive group of ‘AXIANS’ in a short period of time. This phenomenal base of supporters will only continue to grow in size and conviction following the upcoming launch of the AXIA Network mainnet.

But what exactly is an AXIAN? What defines one? What are the shared values of AXIANS and what does the future hold for all of the participants in the AXIA Ecosystem?

Any community members that have been part of the AXIA Project for some time already have a pretty good idea. Supportive. Friendly. Passionate. Oftentimes funny. These are just some of the personality traits that are visible each and everyday across the AXIA Community — from Discord to Twitter, and everywhere in between. But what truly defines an AXIAN can partially be found in the project’s DNA; why AXIA was launched in the first place is pretty well reflected in the makeup of its current community and its behavior and actions. And, we’re still in the very early stages of what could become one of the largest and most influential communities in the entire crypto space.

There is still much to come for the AXIANS, which will be partially shared and teased out throughout this post. But for now, let’s start at the beginning and piece together how the AXIAN concept has evolved into what it is today: an international community including tens of thousands of people around the world that believe in a more promising economic future for all.

The AXIAN origin story

Several years ago AXIA Founder Nick Agar was working in finance. What he saw in this sector on a day-to-day basis discouraged him. He became increasingly disillusioned with the many inefficiencies and unfairness in this field. Around the same time, a revolutionary technological discovery completely changed what was possible in terms of the economy and financial markets: the blockchain.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s peer-to-peer ledger technology gave promise to a decentralized future in which individuals no longer needed to rely on third-parties and middlemen to conduct basic transactions. This was a moment in time that opened up a whole new world of opportunity and would allow Agar to attempt to provide solutions to many of the issues that had been frustrating him for some time. His disillusionment coupled with the invention of blockchain was truly the genesis point for the earliest stages of the AXIA Project. Ultimately Agar would set out to create a more transparent, fair, efficient, productive, equitable and rewarding economic system by leveraging his experience and this new technology that would come to make such an indelible mark on the world as we know it today.

At that time, Agar partnered together with long-time friend Paul Ungerman to begin developing the first stages of what is known today as AXIA. Simultaneously, the world was continuing to evolve in a way that was increasingly unfavorable for individuals in every corner of the globe. Today, many of these roadblocks to success are more omnipresent than ever:

Wealth concentration — Today, the richest 1% own over 45.8% of the world’s overall wealth. In the crypto space, similar wealth disparities exist with 1,000 individuals owning over 40% of all the Bitcoin in the world as recently as 2021.

Inflation — The US Dollar remains the world’s reserve currency but recently hit a 40-year high inflation rate of 7.9% in March 2022. This results in a crippling hit of nearly 8% each year to all earnings in the country. In other countries such as Venezuela inflation is even worse, with the South American nation hitting a staggering 472% ‘hyperinflation’ rate in January 2022.

Soaring real estate costs — In Canada, which boasts one of the world’s hottest real estate markets annually, house prices on average jumped by 17.7% in 2021 alone. Elsewhere, it’s much the same. Over the last decade in Turkey, the average house price has jumped by 382% with other European countries not trailing far behind.

Lack of productivity — Productivity in economies around the world has been faltering for years. The drop in labor productivity since 2005 in the United States alone (not including the farming sector) has resulted in a cumulative loss of $10.9 trillion. That represents a $95,000 loss per worker over that time period.

Stagnant wage increases — While inflation and home prices rise, wages stay relatively the same all around the world. In some cases, wages have actually gone backwards. In Japan, wages decreased three straight months from November 2021 — January 2022. Meanwhile, CEOs now make 296 times what workers make on average, furthering inequality and wealth gaps even more.

Clearly the systems that are currently in place are not working.

Many of the cracks that Agar perceived before AXIA had even been created have continued to grow and further divide society by perpetuating a system that leaves people more and more behind through no fault of their own.

Now, what does all of this have to do with the AXIAN Community? Well, as we’ve already noted, Agar’s original vision for AXIA was to create a more fair economic system that can provide positive impact. That means that through various technologies and developments, AXIA aims to in some way create solutions for all of these roadblocks that are holding back individuals from advancing themselves and their loved ones. AXIANS have researched the project and decided to support it and participate in it, so the desire to create — and be a part of — a more fair and rewarding society is a value that is largely shared by all AXIANS.

Now that we’ve really uncovered the impetus for AXIA, some of the problems it is trying to address, and what that says about the AXIANS that have joined together to become part of its global community, let’s explore exactly how the AXIA Project can provide solutions.

How AXIANS are contributing to a superior economic system

AXIA is based on an economic model that can consistently deliver value to participants within its ecosystem; as a result, every action taken can create a positive impact for others. This is achieved through the hyper-deflationary economic model of AXIA in which coin burning creates continued scarcity of AXIA Coin. From staking to transacting, all actions — now matter how big or small — trigger a reduction in supply of AXIA Coin meaning that what you hold is continually becoming more and more rare through your activity or the activity of others (for a thorough overview of coin burning, be sure to read the recent blog post on the topic).

So what exactly does this mean?

AXIA encourages a culture of positivity in which all AXIANS are rooting for one another, encouraging one another and benefiting from one another. This is in stark contrast to the majority of society today in which one typically succeeds at the expense of others.

AXIANS can all succeed, together.

The project has also introduced highly favorable programs that can help participants generate significant rewards that can both benefit themselves and others at the same time. One such example is the AXIA Staking Program that allows participants to generate up to 192% APR (this rate will be reduced following the AXIA Network mainnet launch) that is compounded daily! This is a dramatically higher rate of rewards than can be found in today’s traditional financial institutions that now typically offer 1% or less on long-term holdings.

AXIA has also introduced the concept of Use-to-Earn apps to the world. Through using apps like AXplorer (internet browser) or AXchat (messaging app), participants can earn AXIA Coin daily for things they were already doing before everyday like browsing the web or chatting with friends. Again, this the complete antithesis of how big tech operates today as these corporations siphon the value from their users rather than them receiving it for themselves.

The hyper-deflationary economics of AXIA are only going to increase in velocity moving forward. With the launch of the AXIA Network, AXIA DeFi platforms and continued community participation in staking and other programs, this model will only grow and expand, further unifying AXIANS in their connected goals of advancement.

The culture of positivity amongst AXIANS is already highly visible on a day-to-day basis. They regularly engage with one another across social media, exchange GIFs and memes to cheer each other up on Mondays and are clearly one of the most creative communities in the space. AXIANS produce a constant stream of clever, original pieces of content 24/7/365 in the form of memes, GIFs, videos, written content (Haikus and more!), selfies with other AXIANS or to capture new merch arrivals, and anything else that may be concocted by the community at any given time.

The AXIA team has worked hard to foster a community of engaged AXIANS and to reward them regularly for their dedication. It has provided ample opportunities to participate in contests and giveaways, delivered regular communications and educational materials, and other activities have been instituted with the goal of strengthening the community on an ongoing basis.

As amazing as the AXIAN community is today, it is going to look drastically different 6–12 months down the road. With so much work and energy being put into the launch of the AXIA Network mainnet, an even bigger push will take place to reward and engage AXIANS around the world following this milestone achievement. Let’s take a dive into what some of these initiatives will look like.

AXIAN Community initiatives (now and in the future)

If you’re already an AXIAN, you’ll know that the team is constantly launching activities on behalf of the community.

Some of these initiatives include:

→ Weekly coin burn celebrations

→ Tuesday meme contests

→ Rotating weekly contests on Thursdays

→ Weekly blog posts

→ Regular newsletters on updates and announcements

→ Giveaways (Merch, AXC, etc.)

→ Participation in regular AMAs

And, as noted above, the talent and creativity that has been delivered by the community through some of these initiatives has been next level! Here are a some examples that exemplify the creative and passionate spirit of the AXIAN.


AXIANS banded together to share testimonials about the AXIA Project to form an AXIA Community Collage.
A sampling of some of the amazing content created by AXIANS over the past few months.

In order to continue to grow the AXIAN community this year and beyond, more programs will be put in place following the upcoming launch of the AXIA Network mainnet. Here is a sneak peak of some different initiatives that are in development:

AXIAN Ambassador Program — Get rewarded for being active in the AXIA community and work closely with the AXIA team. From custom merch packages to top-ups to staked accounts and other perks, your dedication and support that is already visible can become highly rewarding through this program.

Some things that AXIANS are already doing as de facto ambassadors of the AXIA Project include:

→ Adding

AXIA to social media bios

→ Sharing information about AXIA with friends, family and online

→ Participating in contests and being active in AXIA communities

→ Supporting other AXIANS around the world

International AXIA Groups — Want to start your own AXIA communities around the world? Soon you’ll be able to be funded by the AXIA Project for hosting things like monthly meet-ups, local hackathons, and more!

AXIAN NFT Club — The genesis AXIA NFT collection coming to AXclusive is going to end up in the wallets of those who deserve it most: AXIANS (duh!). The team has been making note of passionate and engaged community members for some time and they’ll be rewarded with their very own NFT from the AXIA Project’s first drop. There will also be plenty of other ways to secure some custom NFTs through community involvement and support.

AXIANS won’t have to wait much longer to get their hands on the first-ever AXIA NFT collection.

AXIA Merch Store — With the legacy AXIA merch collection nearly all in the hands of AXIANS worldwide, it’s almost time to unveil the new AXIA Merch Store. Featuring colorful, vibrant designs and a variety of products, project participants that weren’t able to get their hands on the first collection will soon be able to showcase their AXIAN spirit for the whole world to see.

Happy AXIANS looking sharp in the legacy merch collection around the world.

All of this is just intended as a teaser. The possibilities will be truly endless following the launch of the AXIA Network and once all of the AXIA DeFi platforms come into focus. Now that we’ve reviewed why AXIA was launched in the first place, how AXIANS are already actively supporting a culture of positivity, and teased out some of the future community initiatives, let’s summarize what we’ve learned.


The global economy has a lot of issues and many of them are getting worse, not better. This may seem harsh but it is honest. It is up to us to forge a better path.

AXIA was launched specifically to create a better model for millions (and then billions) around the world. It does this through its hyper-deflationary tokenomics, removing barriers to entry with advanced technology and by changing the current economic paradigm into one which is instead based on increasing productivity across the board for all individuals involved in order to deliver a positive impact around the world. Specific AXIA programs like staking provide a complementary outlet through which AXIANS can generate far more favorable rewards for themselves versus what’s available in the traditional finance space. Plus, Use-to-Earn AXIA apps like AXplorer and AXchat (with more due to be rolled out in the future) give AXIANS even more ways to get rewarded through what they were already doing everyday.

The superior economic model and associated culture of positivity is already being reflected by AXIAN behavior across social media and the world on a daily basis. AXIANS are creative, support one another and tend to engage with both the project as a whole and fellow AXIANS at every opportunity.

AXIANS share certain values and beliefs:

  1. AXIANS have a positive outlook on the future and believe the AXIA can be a driver in developing the future we want for ourselves and others.
  2. AXIANS understand that scarcity creates value and recognize that all actions they take in the AXIA Ecosystem benefit themselves and other AXIANS.
  3. AXIANS are supportive and are always willing to lend a helping hand to fellow AXIANS.
  4. AXIANS are creative, passionate and engaged and see the value in highlighting what AXIA is trying to accomplish to others.
  5. AXIANS see the bigger picture; doing something different takes time but patience pays off in the long run.

The AXIAN community will continue to grow, and the velocity at which it will do so can expand rapidly through community engagement and initiatives, and through heightened awareness of the AXIA Project as a whole. With the launch of the AXIA Network mainnet less than a month away, the opportunities for word to spread about AXIA, what it is doing and what it is trying to accomplish are soon to grow exponentially. More community initiatives will be delivered moving forward to help the project and the AXIAN community scale accordingly.

The shared values of all AXIANS will never change.

Today the community is as strong as ever and is only scratching the surface of what it can someday be. Value will be delivered on an ongoing basis to all AXIANS who participate and show their support of AXIA with the ultimate goal of creating the strongest, most positive community in the entire crypto space while changing things for the better along the way.