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March 4, 2022

AXIA 101: The AXIA Encrypted Smartphone


Recent world events have once again highlighted the need for enhanced privacy, security and decentralization. The last decade has also shown us unequivocally that big tech and corporate entities do not have their users at heart; in fact, it’s the complete opposite. Personal information and data has been continually sold to the highest bidder, from third-party marketers to political campaigns, and more. Although this has become the status quo, that doesn’t mean it’s right. Society has an opportunity to collectively reclaim the rightful ownership of data — sensitive and otherwise — in order to put the power back where it belongs — in the hands of the people who create it.

Since its inception, the AXIA Project has always aimed to give individuals the autonomy required to take charge and control over their own data. AXIA Tel, the AXIA Project’s telecommunications division, is one of the primary ecosystem components spearheading this movement. The first product from AXIA Tel, the AXIA Encrypted Smartphone, is beginning distribution and will set the stage for a whole suite of products and platforms that prioritize privacy over profits. This week’s blog post takes a deep dive into the AXIA Encrypted Smartphone and how it fits into the project as a whole. Let’s get started!

What is the AXIA Tel Encrypted Smartphone?

What do the iPhone, Galaxy and Pixel all have in common? They are all phones created, developed and sold by big tech. All of these companies — Apple, Samsung and Google — are for-profit companies and are therefore beholden to shareholders, partners, governments, corporations and the like. Their loyalty doesn’t lie with their customers, but rather with these groups. That means that while they may have the capital to produce the world’s most popular mobile products, they don’t tend to have their users’ interests — or their privacy — at heart. Data is the new oil, and big tech may as well be oil barons.

AXIA and AXIA Tel can carve a new path as a non-profit that purposefully makes products that have community members and ecosystem participants interests in mind. The AXIA Encrypted Smartphone is the first physical product created by AXIA that can make good on this promise. All communications and data produced on the phone — talk, text, browsing, file storage, etc. — is 100% fully encrypted, meaning that you’ll have access to a level of privacy and security that simply doesn’t exist with standard smartphones. Even better, while the few encrypted smartphones that are on the market tend to run consumers thousands of dollars, the AXIA Encrypted Smartphone was only priced at $399 for the first wave of pre-order participants that secured their phones in late 2021.

From the proprietary and privacy-oriented AXIA OS (Operating System) to rapid global network switching, the AXIA Encrypted Smartphone offers a slew of features that make it the most dynamic encrypted phone to ever see the market — and at a fraction of the cost. Let’s dive into some of these features.

Security zone data isolation — The TEE-based (Trusted Execution Environment) security zone can effectively isolate data access and ensure secure data is not illegally read or obtained.

Encrypted storage of sensitive data — All data in the safe area is encrypted for storage with secured double-backups.

Terminal data channel encryption — Single key click enables encryption of channel and data transition when accessing the network.

Switch global networks at any time — Random switch global network resources (no fixed numbers) to safeguard terminal obscurity.

Operating system — AXIA Secure OS is an independent, hyper-secure system without Google server or network checks, and no personal data is accessed.

Verified startup — Each time the device starts, the unique device fingerprint is server validated to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the OS.

Trusted software updates — Updates are exclusively issued through the backend MDM, hosted on a dedicated server and only applied after verifying the authenticity of the digital signature.

Limitless functionality — Download your favorite apps through a privacy-centered app store, while maintaining user privacy.

Nobody needs a reason to enjoy data privacy and security. It should be a universal right that belongs to everyone but sadly for too long society has continued to move farther and farther away from this scenario. With the AXIA Encrypted Smartphone, this no longer has to be a pipe dream that people ‘deserve’—it can be realized right now.

Now that you know some of the features that make this phone incredibly safe and secure, let’s dive into the aesthetics and general specs:

Memory/storage space: 4 GB RAM/128 GB ROM

Screen size: 6.53-inch Full HD+ screen

SIM capabilities: Dual SIM Slots

Battery capacity: 4500 mAh

Camera specs: 48MP+8MP+5MP

How does the AXIA Encrypted Smartphone fit in with the long-term goals of AXIA?

This innovative product fits perfectly into the future of AXIA on a number of different levels. Let’s examine each one and then tie them all together:

Privacy and security — Crypto was born from the need for decentralization and autonomy from corporate and government interests. The AXIA Encrypted Smartphone is the latest in a long line of traditions when it comes to crypto products and platforms that help users achieve a more pronounced level of freedom and safety from unwanted sleuthing.

Data ownership — AXIA is helping pioneer the WEB3 movement through “Use-to-Earn” apps like AXplorer and AXchat that allow users to earn rewards in AXIA Coin everyday for use. All of the AXIA apps come pre-installed on the AXIA Encrypted Smartphone and more will be added via auto-updates as they are released. Plus, AXIA is working with UBDI to enable an in-depth data opt-in program that can provide the pathway to further rewards in exchange for basic usage and participation.

Shifting the economic paradigm — AXIA is all about shifting the economic paradigm and creating a more rewarding system for millions around the world. Through providing a much more affordable encrypted phone that allows for unlimited security and privacy at a fraction of the cost of alternatives, AXIA is moving closer to achieving this goal.

Plugging into the AXIA Network and ecosystem — The AXIA Encrypted Smartphone will provide ample opportunity to earn rewards, engage and play in the AXIA Ecosystem. From staking AXIA Coin on the AXIA Network through a simple app on the phone to buying and selling NFTs on AXclusive or using AXswap (decentralized exchange) to join liquidity pools, phone owners can make their mark on the AXIA Ecosystem in multiple different ways.


The AXIA Encrypted Smartphone can help usher in a new era of privacy and security — the one we deserved all along. The phone perfectly integrates into the AXIA Network and Ecosystem as a whole, allowing any and all owners of the device to seamlessly plug into AXIA at any time, from anywhere in the world. The proprietary AXIA OS facilitates auto-updates that ensure that as new AXIA apps are released, they will be installed onto the phone right away. While encrypted phones have historically been completely unaffordable, the AXIA Encrypted Smartphone also sets a new precedent in this regard, lowering the barriers to entry for any would-be purchasers.

The pre-order period for AXIA Encrypted Smartphones closed in late 2021; fulfillment of those items is now nearing completion, at which point a public sale will go live enabling anybody who didn’t participate in the pre-order to purchase their very own devices. Similarly, following the pre-order fulfillment, a series of SIM cards will be listed on the forthcoming AXIA Tel standalone website that allow users access to global phone plans for a fraction of the cost of current alternatives. Once again, this delivers AXIA participants value and puts the power back in the hands of the many, instead of the few.

Over time, the AXIA Encrypted Smartphone will be but one physical product that delivers value to AXIA participants through AXIA Tel. More products are currently in development that will allow the project team to continue to move forward its goal of delivering AXIA users worldwide the heightened privacy and security they deserve, as well as the means for global access to the internet regardless of location or other factors.