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July 29, 2022

AXIA 101: July Founder's Update


The blockchain and crypto space seems to move at a mile a minute. If you blink, chances are you’ll miss some major development or piece of news. That’s part of what makes it so exciting, but it also exemplifies how and why pressure is created to do things haphazardly and quickly rather than doing them the right way with a well thought through plan. If you’ve the previous founder’s updates, you’ll know that AXIA always strives to be on the latter end of the spectrum. From its most early stage the vision that brought about the AXIA that exists today was to be a solution to a number of problems that still plague many around the world, and to provide the means to impact peoples’ lives in a positive manner. All actions have and continue to be made with that purpose and intent behind them.

While recent market turmoil has continued to bring to the forefront projects prioritizing short-term thinking looking for immediate gain based on nothing but hype over long-term sustainability with a clear focus on fundamentals, AXIA has continued to push forward towards accomplishing its goals.

There is much to cover in this update — the AXIA Network, news on upcoming app releases, the official launch of AXIA Tel, and diving into the connective tissue that ties all of these items in the AXIA Ecosystem together. The objective with each Founder’s Update is that the vision for AXIA becomes that much more crystallized not just in terms of what is being delivered to the community, but having all the differentiating factors and strategic advantages displayed to a greater degree based on all the progress that the project’s talented contributors makes on a monthly basis regarding fulfilling specific goals and realizing the vision.

Network update

The team has provided several updates on the progression of the AXIA Network V2 upgrade, so I won’t go too deeply into this today other than to largely reiterate what was covered in the project’s blog post on the subject posted two weeks ago. The enhancements to the network that were all part of the V2 upgrade have been completed and the remaining step prior to opening up the network to the public is an external security audit, which is already well underway.

The security audit of the AXIA Network is underway.

The team is aiming to have the security audit completed as soon as possible so that it can begin onboarding Validators, Nominators, partnering projects and other network participants. Of course, a fulsome update will be provided to the community immediately following the completion of the audit concerning a summary of any findings and next steps.

Upcoming AXIA app releases

A number of new apps are set to be rolled out to bring about new use cases and enhance the already existing utility, all of which are connected to the core principles of AXIA, including greater levels of decentralization, privacy, security, and continuing to shift the economic paradigm in a way that benefits the many over the few. Some of these updates were touched upon on the AXIA 101: AXIA Network V2 Update blog two week’s ago, but given their significance many of them bear repeating here today.

The goal with each and every AXIA app is to provide significant benefits to the end user while also serving as an important cog that adds utility to the overall AXIA Ecosystem. Each of the upcoming app releases are intended to accomplish this purpose and can become essential tools for AXIA participants in their daily lives, as well as key drivers in onboarding new members into the ecosystem itself. With all of that being said, here are a few updates on the next four apps slated for release:

A number of new AXIA applications are slated for launch.

AXIA Capital Bank — Knowing that many of the AXIA participants primarily utilize mobile devices it was made a priority to have the AXIA Capital Bank app available to the public. The app has already been completed and is now live and available in the App Store and for Google Play. It should be noted that more and more features will be added to the app soon so that the mobile-based experience is aligned with the desktop one. The app will ultimately provide a more seamless and user-friendly experience for AXIA Capital Bank members that prefer to use mobile devices for banking rather than their computers.

AXshield — This 100% FREE VPN can bring a lot of attention to the AXIA Project based on the fact that most VPNs today cost money, track your data and ultimately offer limited functionality and versatility. AXshield offers protection against ads, trackers, malware and viruses. Users can browse privately and securely across all their devices, change their IP and travel with greater safety. AXshield also comes with a built-in Kill Switch and doesn’t log user data. This app represents a major value proposition for all internet users, not just crypto and blockchain natives. The development and testing of AXshield is also complete and it will be introduced to the world in the very near term.

AXpress and AXconnect — The unique economics of the AXIA use-to-earn (U2E) apps can really come into focus with the forthcoming launches of AXpress and AXconnect. AXpress and AXconnect bring greater privacy and security to social networking versus the current industry players. Furthermore, any participants that are using AXchat, AXplorer, AXpress and AXconnect simultaneously will be able to compound their rewards generation four times over — another highly favorable offering for any individual that currently is or will become a participant in the project. The testing of AXpress (microblogging) and AXconnect (content, photo and video sharing) has also been completed and both will also be introduced in short order.

AXIA Tel public launch

In full transparency, global shipping and supply chains are an absolute mess right now. Because of this reality, the shipment of AXIA Tel pre-order devices was slightly pushed back and the initial group of customers were recently shipped their devices. The good news is that users around the world have begun to receive their AXIA Tel Encrypted Smartphones and the initial feedback on them has been resoundingly positive. If you have yet to receive yours, it should not be long now.

AXIA Tel is nearing its public launch, and aims to decentralize and democratize global telecommunications.

With the completion of the pre-order process nearing, the team is very enthusiastic about launching AXIA Tel to the world. A full independent website has been developed, additional contributors have been onboarded to the AXIA Tel team, the public devices with updated packaging and branding have been procured, and the metaphorical ribbon is ready to be sheared. As has been teased in other updates, AXIA Tel will also be introducing additional lines of products aimed at decentralizing the internet and providing individuals with more liberty and freedom of choice when it comes to the telecommunications services they utilize. I will not give much more away through this update, however, as the very talented and dynamic Winter Liu is spearheading the AXIA Tel project he will be more visible in the AXIA community moving forward.

AXC domains

Also soon to be released is the launch of AXC domains. Personalized domains provide a unique opportunity for early adopters and supporters to acquire some of the most popular keywords out there, as well as domains that resonate with them on a personal level like names, nicknames, etc. AXIA participants will have the option not only be part of a more decentralized and secure internet, but tie their entire AXIA Ecosystem persona together through these domains by connecting their wallets to them and/or creating websites with them, along with other use cases as we move more and more into the Web3 environment.


There is an abundance of risk surrounding exchanges in the market today. We have already witnessed many worrying signs about how these entities have been conducting their operations for their organizations. Undue and unnecessary levels of risk were taken not with the end user in mind, which lead to irresponsible actions.

The first decentralized exchange on the AXIA Network is in its late stages of development.

The AXIA team is continuing to do the work required behind the scenes to ensure that it avoids working with any type of exchange or listing partner that presents this type of undue risk to the AXIA community at all costs. Meanwhile, the first decentralized exchange on the AXIA Network, AXswap, has remained in the background, but will be unveiled in the near future. The goal with AXswap is to provide the most favorable and secure DeFi platform in existence — period. As the launch of AXswap approaches, in-depth materials will be published on exactly how the platform works, but most importantly how this decentralized platform can create a higher level of user protection and safety that the industry so desperately needs. The entire team is very much looking forward to publishing more details about AXswap knowing it can benefit both the AXIA community and the industry as a whole.

Connecting the dots

What does the AXIA Network, AXIA Capital Bank, AXshield, AXpress, AXconnect, AXIA Tel, AXC domains and AXswap all have in common? They have all been developed to benefit the community of AXIA ecosystem participants, and help provide them with the resources required to establish a more secure, rewarding and less trust-based future for themselves and their loved ones.

People are waking up.

There’s never been a better time to leave legacy systems and institutions for ones that provide more rewarding solutions that can lead to a better life moving forward. AXIA and its entire team is working day and night to provide those solutions to the public. Not for corporate profit or organizational gain, but for the sole purpose of replacing the broken systems of today with one that is more fruitful and sustainable — the one which we all deserve.

Crypto and blockchain projects that are fuelled by speculation and hype have a limited shelf life. We’re already seeing this all around us. AXIA is introducing products and platforms that offer real and true utility, and that are actually needed for the world. I am a broken record on this but it is of colossal importance. When you barter in life, it is to receive some form of utility. Whether it is for shelter, sustenance or transportation, when you’re exchanging or bartering, the utility coming back must be obvious and clear. The point is that no matter what is being battered there needs some form of utility, benefit or usage for what is being swapped. It should be for something that is productive otherwise there is the potential for extreme volatility and risk due to the fact that the only thing that matters is sentiment. And if sentiment is the only thing that matters then it is clear there is no real world utility and that it isn’t an item that is productive and there are certainly no fundamentals behind it.

With many projects, when there is no actual utility the only hope is that you can eventually exchange to somebody else. This is why we are seeing the greater fool theory play out in real time way too often.

However, if you are a participant with AXIA today, you’re getting something very different. You’re participating in the entire network and ecosystem. You are entering a world that offers a wide range of real-world use cases where all the rewards and benefits go to the user. And the AXIA team has set up the network and platforms for these use cases to only continue to expand well into the future.

A significant amount of utility and different use cases are being established across different verticals and industries throughout the AXIA Ecosystem.

Another element of the project that cannot be overlooked is the development work that has gone into making AXIA Coin a true medium of exchange around the world. It is already one of the very few cryptocurrencies you can actually use at online or in-person stores globally. Think about that…something that projects around the world have been trying to implement for years has already been achieved by AXIA. But that’s just the beginning — the growth of AXpay and AXpay for Business will further serve to validate the usefulness of AXIA Coin with unparalleled utility that can be used as a medium of exchange in all of our daily lives. To put into perspective the potential benefit that the AXIA Network can offer, a company like Visa can process around 24,000 transactions per second. With AXpay, hundreds of thousands of transactions can be processed in that same time frame. Think about the possibilities moving into the future with this type of enhanced technology. And this is what barter and exchange is all about.

Please know that nothing from the AXIA Project is or will be introduced to the ecosystem that won’t provide real-world utility and add to the use cases for the AXIA Network and AXIA Coin.

The AXIA team is fully and totally committed to fulfilling the potential of this project. This commitment will be the bridge from where we are today to where we want to go. We have identified a number of problems and inefficiencies that we have resolved to fix. I am so proud to see the determination, significant effort, self-discipline and sacrifice of everyone who contributes on this team. I am so appreciative and feel so blessed to know such wonderful people and have the opportunity to see all of their contributions come to life. All of their micro inputs and small actions each day compound over time. With AXIA the whole is truly greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Great accomplishments in life cannot be rushed. It takes time and patience to learn, to grow, to build where each small step forward in the process can eventually lead to something extraordinary.

There is no secret that the last few months have been a transitional period for the project, but that is not a bad thing, it is a good thing. Brick by brick…er…block by block, the long-term promise of this project is coming into focus and I am more than confident that we will all look back on this time as something that was invaluable in terms of realizing the promise of AXIA.

Myself and the team will not stop working and are fully dedicated to rewarding AXIA participants for their ongoing belief and support of the project’s goals and vision. It is that belief and support that continues to motivate us and drive us forward everyday. Every step forward that AXIA makes is because of the support that we have garnered from the community.

The future is already here. Everyone involved in AXIA has already embraced a distributed network that connects us all. A network not only built with more sound economics, inclusiveness, efficiency and real-world utility, but one that can bring rise to a different set of values that is not motivated by greed, ego or status. One where power is decentralized and distributed so we can devolve from the power of the few. A network that can provide a path forward to a more purposeful, enriching life that opens the door to new opportunities we could never have envisioned until recently, and one that can ultimately change things for the betterment of us all.