January 28, 2022

AXIA 101: How to transfer AXIA Coin from an external wallet into your AXIA Wallet

Are you looking to learn how to transfer AXIA Coin from an external wallet into your AXIA wallet? In this post, we’ll walk you through this simple process step-by-step. Plus, we’ll also share some of the unique benefits that participants receive when they hold their AXIA Coin in the project ecosystem rather than in external wallets. So, let’s get started!

AXIA Wallet overview

The wallet is a free and secure tool that offers the ability to transact, stake, store, send and receive AXIA Coins. The wallet is also the means through which holders of AXIA Coin receive unparalleled benefits and rewards — such as a free custody solution that ensures your holdings are more safe and secure and access to the innovative AXIA Staking Program — just for participating with the all-encompassing AXIA Ecosystem.

Benefits of holding AXIA Coin in the AXIA Ecosystem

To better understand how transferring AXIA Coin to your AXIA Wallet creates value for yourself and everyone else in the AXIA Ecosystem, let’s unpack the different benefits associated with taking this action.

AXIA Staking Program — When you stake with AXIA, you can generate rewards of up to 192% APY! These rewards are compounded and paid out daily into your wallet and as soon as you’ve secured your rate, you’re guaranteed to have it for the entire term. To start staking, visit the AXIA Capital Bank Staking page, where you can review the coin staking terms, the annual rates of rewards, and other details. You can also check out last week’s blog post on this topic: ‘AXIA 101: How to stake AXIA Coin.’

Low transaction costs — In alternative systems, whenever a transaction takes place there is an intermediary that takes a fee for themselves. With AXIA, any fees that would normally be going to a corporation, network or other for-profit entities are instead being burned. When a coin is burned it is permanently removed from supply, which offers an example of the hyper-deflationary tokenomics of AXIA; as this occurs, value is created for all coin holders.

Stake and spend simultaneously — Currently, AXIA is offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity that allows participants to stake and spend their AXIA Coin at the same time, from the same wallet. This is not offered anywhere else in the industry. With the power of your AXIA debit card (available in both physical and virtual formats), you’re free to spend AXIA Coin anywhere you wish around the globe during your staking term.

Daily rewards through app usage — Anyone that uses AXIA apps like AXplorer and AXchat (rewards go live on this platform as of next week) are eligible to earn daily AXIA Coin rewards for doing so which are able to be claimed and deposited into your AXIA Wallet. The AXIA apps are always built with security and privacy in mind and the project does not sell data to third-parties as big tech has become synonymous for.

Identifying your unique AXIA Wallet address

AXIA Wallet basics

Before transferring any AXIA Coins into your AXIA Wallet you must locate and copy the address associated with your unique username.

Here’s how to do this through the different AXIA platforms:

AXIA Capital Bank

Step 1 — Log in to your AXIA Capital Bank account. On the bottom left-hand side of the banking portal, Click ‘AXIA Wallet.’

Step 2 — Once your wallet screen opens, locate your wallet address under ‘Account Details.’ It should start with an 0x.

Step 3 — Copy your wallet address by clicking the two little notepads to the right of it. Text will appear on-screen saying ‘Copied to Clipboard.’

AXIA apps

Step 1 — Open up any of the AXIA apps and click ‘Wallet’ on the bottom menu bar.

Step 2 — In the middle of the screen, you’ll see the Public Wallet Address listed. Click the two notepads with the right-facing arrow twice. Once complete, a ‘Copied to Clipboard’ message will appear on-screen. That’s it!

Once your wallet address is successfully copied, follow the steps outlined below to transfer AXIA Coin from your external wallet into your AXIA Wallet:

Transferring from external wallets


Adding AXIA Coin to your MetaMask’s allowable assets

First things first: if you haven’t added the AXIA Coin contract to your MetaMask account, you’ll have to do that in order for the currency to be visible in your digital wallet. Here’s how:

Step 1 — Open MetaMask on your mobile phone or computer and log in to your account.

Step 2 — Click ‘assets’ at the bottom left of your MetaMask window and then select the ‘import tokens’ button at the bottom of the window.

Step 3 — Enter the following information into the import fields:

Token Contract Address: 0x37c430c2b5f9ff85e534873c715871818ab1623e

Token Symbol: AXC

Token Decimal: 18

That’s it. AXIA Coin will now appear in your MetaMask wallet!

Transferring AXIA Coin

Now that can safely send and receive AXIA Coin in your MetaMask wallet, here are the steps you’d need to take in order to send AXIA Coin from your MetaMask into your AXIA Wallet:

Step 1 — Log in to the MetaMask account that contains your AXIA Coin. Always ensure you’ve selected Ethereum Mainnet under the Networks pulldown menu.

Step 2 — Under ‘Assets,’ click on AXC.

Step 3 — Click on ‘Send’ and paste the AXIA Wallet address you copied inside of the AXIA Ecosystem into the field.

Step 4 — Enter the amount of AXIA Coin you wish to send, click ‘Next’ and confirm the transaction. You have now successfully sent AXIA Coin from MetaMask to your AXIA Wallet!

Trusty Tip: Always double and triple check that the wallet address has been copied properly by comparing it to your AXIA Wallet address. If a single digit is off, you risk losing the balance of your transaction.


Third-party exchanges like KuCoin are popular amongst crypto traders and are another place that AXIA Coin can be acquired. However, when you hold your AXIA Coin at KuCoin, you don’t have access to AXIA Ecosystem benefits such as staking, etc. If at any time you wish to transfer your AXIA Coin from KuCoin into your AXIA Wallet, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1 — Log in to the KuCoin account that contains your AXIA Coin. Ensure the AXIA Coin you wish to transfer is in your main account. If your AXIA Coin is held in your trading account, it can be transferred immediately and for free into your main KuCoin account.

Step 2 — Once your AXIA Coin is in your main account, Click the ‘withdraw’ button and paste your AXIA Wallet address.


Like KuCoin, BitMart is another third-party exchange where you can buy and sell AXIA Coin. Like KuCoin, AXIA Coin holders cannot access AXIA Ecosystem benefits when their holdings reside on the BitMart platform. Here’s how to transfer AXIA Coin from BitMart into your AXIA Wallet:

Step 1 — Log in to the BitMart account that contains your AXIA Coin.

Step 2 — Navigate to ‘Assets,’ click ‘Spot Wallet’ and locate your AXIA Coin.

Step 3 — Click the ‘Withdraw’ button and paste your AXIA Wallet address. Confirm the transaction.

Trusty Tip: If your AXIA Coin is in the Buy/Sell account you can transfer it immediately and for free into your Spot BitMart account.

Still, have more questions about transferring AXIA Coin to your AXIA Wallet? Visit the AXIA Capital Bank FAQ section to learn more.