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January 21, 2022

AXIA 101: How to stake AXIA Coin

Staking is a great way to earn passive rewards. There’s no alternative model in the entire cryptocurrency space that offers participants the same value that they can receive with the AXIA Staking Program. From a significant APY (Annual Percentage Yield) rate to rewards that are compounded daily, built-in hedges for fluctuating market scenarios and value generated through coin burning, staking with AXIA allows participants to receive value every which way.

For anyone that is unfamiliar, staking your digital currency or crypto is a common practice in today's world of decentralized finance (DeFi) that consists of delegating a set amount of your currency - AXIA Coin in this case - outside of the Circulating Supply for a set period of time and for a fixed rate of rewards.

The benefits of staking

To better understand how staking creates value for yourself and everyone else in the AXIA Ecosystem, let’s unpack the different elements of the AXIA Staking Program:

Supercharged APY — When you stake with AXIA, you can generate up to 192% APY! These rewards are paid out daily into your wallet and as soon as you’ve secured your rate, you’re guaranteed to have it for the entire term.

Rewards are compounded daily — Albert Einstein famously said: “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it — he who doesn’t, pays it.” That guy knew what he was talking about. Compound interest grows the velocity at which your rate of rewards increases each and everyday. You can read through this blog post for a thorough breakdown on the magic of compound interest.

Double hedge — The AXIA Staking Program has a built-in hedge to protect staking participants from any possible market scenario because the reward rates are based on the USD value equivalent of AXIA Coin. If the AXIA Coin price goes down, participants will simply be protected and insulated by this as they receive more rewards to ensure compounding continues based on the USD value at the time the reward is distributed. Conversely, if the price of AXIA Coin goes up relative to USD, any rewards gained up to that point are worth that much more, which increases the compounding effect. There is an additional hedge on top of that, knowing that AXIA Coin is hyper-deflationary, there is a guarantee that the total supply will go down over the staking period. This not only creates more value during the staking term, but provides just one example of the superior tokenomics of AXIA Coin.

3-to-1 Coin burning — For every AXIA Coin staked, three AXIA Coins will ultimately be burned. How this works is simple: When an AXIA Coin is purchased at AXIA Capital Bank, it moves from the total supply to the circulating supply and an equivalent AXIA Coin is burned. Then, when the holder chooses to stake that same AXIA Coin, it is moved from the Circulating Supply into the Staked Supply and, you guessed it — another AXIA Coin is burned! Then, at the end of the staking term, a third AXIA Coin will be burned. This provides yet another example of the anti-dilutive nature of AXIA Coin and, again, its superior tokenomics.

Lower Circulating Supply = Enhanced Tokenomics — When you stake your AXIA Coins, you are effectively transferring them from the Circulating Supply into the Staked Supply. Removing these coins from the Circulating Supply is highly advantageous for yourself and all holders around the world as it improves the economic position of AXIA Coin and its tokenomics as whole. Why? Because, as Circulating Supply is reduced and more coins are burned, value is enhanced through greater scarcity. As this process continues over time, more and more value is distributed to participants.

Stake and spend simultaneously — Currently, AXIA is offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity that allows participants to stake and spend their AXIA Coin at the same time, from the same wallet. This is not offered anywhere else in the industry. With the power of your AXIA debit card (available in both physical and virtual formats), you’re free to spend AXIA Coin anywhere you wish around the globe during your staking term.

How to stake

Now that you understand why staking is so beneficial for everyone who holds AXIA, here is a basic explainer on how to actually go about entering into a staking subscription at AXIA Capital Bank:

Step 1 — Open an AXIA Capital Bank Account

First, you simply need to open an account at AXIA Capital Bank. If you already have an account at AXIA Capital Bank, you can skip straight to Step 2.

To become a member, visit AXIA Capital Bank’s website registration page. You’ll need to provide the following:

  • The email address you wish to register with
  • A piece of government issued ID
  • Proof of address

Once your account has been verified, you’ll get a confirmation email and you can move on to Step 2. It’s that easy!

Step 2 — Choose Your Staking Term

To start staking, visit the AXIA Capital Bank Staking page, where you can review the coin staking terms, annual rate of rewards and other details. Determine which term works best for you, but keep in mind that the longer the term, the more favorable the rewards are based on everything highlighted earlier in this blog post and the higher APY offered.

  • When you’re ready, click the blue “Start Staking Today” link. Follow the prompts and the bank support team will switch your account over to a staking account.

That’s it. Follow these two basic steps and you’ll be earning up to 192% APY that is compounded daily in no time!

Still have more questions about the AXIA Staking Program? Visit the AXIA Capital Bank FAQ section to learn more.