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August 13, 2022

AXIA 101: AXpress


Another week, another launch! The newest use-to-earn (U2E) AXIA app was introduced this week as AXpress went live for all devices. AXpress, a social sharing and microblogging platform, is the third U2E app in the AXIA Ecosystem alongside AXplorer (web browser) and AXchat (encrypted messaging). With the addition of each new U2E app into the ecosystem, the ability for participants to compound the rewards they are generating becomes that much greater.

Before the app, its features and use cases are introduced, it’s important to point out that the AXIA team has applied all of the best principles of Web3 to the development and launch of AXpress. There are no ads on the platform, user data is not sold to third-parties and participants are rewarded daily in hyper-deflationary AXIA Coin for their time and energy — just the way it should be.

With AXpress, users can finally reap the rewards for their own participation.

So, let’s explore AXpress and all of the possibilities can deliver to the AXIA community worldwide now and well into the future!

Introducing AXpress

AXpress is the first public-facing U2E app developed by AXIA. That means that the content that is created and shared is distributed publicly across the app to users in all corners of the world. The app also comes with direct messaging features and enables users to broadcast content that can only be seen by followers, but by-and-large content on the app is published for all to see. In the cases of AXchat and AXplorer, content is only shared peer-to-peer or on an individual basis in the case of the latter. The public nature of AXpress is important because the use cases and possibilities are virtually limitless in terms of what can be shared, discussed and discovered via the platform.

Users of the app can create posts of up to 500 characters featuring text, photos, videos and polls, plus interact with posts from others by boosting them, replying to them, favoriting them, creating links with them for wider web-based sharing capabilities, embedding them or bookmarking them!

AXpress is a borderless portal to other AXIANS around the world.

With AXpress, you can also hyper-personalize who you want to be able to view and engage with your posts by selecting from a menu of post options, including public, unlisted, follower-only and direct messaging. The app comes with a public feed, follower-specific feed, alert feed (general alerts plus mentions), and a comprehensive menu tab where you can look through your messages, bookmarks, favorites, lists, profile settings, embedded wallet, follows and followers, manage filters, change account settings, edit preferences and log out of your account.

AXpress enables users to personalize their in-app experience across many categories.

AXpress brings the AXIA community together to share updates on your weekend adventures, vacation plans, day-to-day musings, and anything else that you want to connect with your friends and followers over at a given time. Rewards are generated through each action and can always be managed through the AXIA Member Center.

The future of AXpress

AXpress takes all of the best qualities of Web2 social media platforms and merges them with the possibilities of Web3 to help eliminate some of the negative qualities of traditional apps by delivering an app designed for the AXIA community, by the AXIA community. And, ultimately one that can be a digital beacon of positivity, sharing and caring for AXIANS around the world far into the future.

The newest use-to-earn app from AXIA is very much intended as a community-based app for a community-based project. The development and future builds of AXpress are seen by the AXIA team as a collaborative process between the project’s developers and the community itself. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome via the AXIA community channels.

AXpress is constantly evolving and is being built for the AXIA community, by the AXIA community.

While AXpress is very much in its infancy, major project catalysts like the launch of the AXIA Network V2 and AXswap will help to onboard many new community members into the project. AXpress can serve as one of the premiere communications hubs for everybody in the AXIA community, with activity on the platform growing more and more over time. And, with the growth of activity, expansion of followers amongst different community members and everything that goes with both of those progressions, it will only be easier and easier to generate the maximum amount of rewards for every AXIAN using AXpress on a daily basis.

AXplorer, AXchat and now AXpress are all exciting developments for AXIA. With each new U2E app, more utility and use cases are created for the ecosystem and the opportunity for rewards generation for every participant is compounded. With the AXconnect launch also forthcoming, the community is on the cusp of being in a place where rewards can truly begin to be accumulated on a rapid basis. And, things are just getting started. Several more use-to-earn apps are coming this year to enhance and grow the ecosystem even more.