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May 13, 2022

AXIA 101: AXplorer, AXshield and the future of web browsing


AXIA is much more than a blockchain project, it is an organization reimagining the future of WEB3 and ultimately striving to deliver ongoing rewards to individuals in a way that the big tech and for-profit corporations of today have never made a priority. In fact, it has always been just the opposite. While social media platforms rake in billions of dollars each year in revenue, they make the very users they rely on the product while siphoning away all of the value derived from the fruit of their data.

AXIA sees another way.

Why shouldn’t individuals harness the power of the data they create for themselves? This is the promise of WEB3 that has often been imagined but has remained largely unrealized. While this is ultimately the goal of the Use-to-Earn apps delivered by AXIA, these lofty ambitions cannot be accomplished without also ensuring that users stay well protected, private and secure while using products and platforms that are connected to the internet. This combination of the benefits of receiving rewards and enjoying heightened privacy and security forms a perfect apex when it comes to AXplorer, the browser developed by AXIA.

If you’ve been in the AXIA Ecosystem for a while, chances are you’re already using AXplorer. The browser delivers a portal to the web through which stronger default security settings are enabled on behalf of users, and through which they can also earn daily AXIA Coin rewards through basic usage. While all of those features remain intact, the browser was further enhanced with the addition of AXshield this past week. AXshield is a built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Proxy that is being rolled out in two parts and will ensure that AXplorer delivers real utility and benefits to users on a wide scale. Today’s blog post will dive into the addition of AXshield and what it means for future of web browsing. Let’s get started!

Short historical snapshot

The first web browser on record was called WorldWideWeb before being renamed Nexus, and was created from code developed by internet pioneer Tim Berners-Lee. Since that time, we’ve seen countless re-creations and re-imaginings of the modern web browser, from Internet Explorer to the Netscape Navigator — and everything in between. Competition has been so fierce as tech companies have grappled for market share that the ongoing battle between these organizations has been dubbed the “Browser Wars.”

Today’s most popular browsers, such as Chrome and Safari have a dominant market share and much in common. Namely, they are owned and operated by the world’s largest tech companies, Google in the case of the former and Apple for the latter. These companies have a seemingly unlimited influence that they use to keep their stranglehold on the market. What they don’t have, however, is a product that puts their users first. Instead, they harness all of their valuable user data, which has been called today’s digital equivalent to oil in terms of its value, and use it to line their own pockets. They do this by providing access to that data to advertisers and other third-parties, who then turn around and use it to extract further value from those same browser users in the form of targeted ads preying on their online behavior and habits. Google is the king of kings in the space, controlling 62% of all browser activity as of 2020.

While it’s now been around three decades since the advent of the first browser, we’ve gone backwards if anything when it comes to users controlling their online footprints. The internet was originally imaged as a free, open-source hub for online activity that could democratize information that would be shared freely. While the browsers operated by the Googles and Apples of the world may seem free on the surface, in truth they are anything but. Data is precious and users of browsers overseen by big tech are giving up one of their most valuable online commodities for free. This does not have to continue to be the status quo though, there is a better way.

Introducing: AXplorer with AXshield!

AXshield V1

AXshield officially went live on Monday, May 9, 2022 as an add-on for the AXplorer browser. As we’ve covered in past blogs, AXplorer is already engineered to deliver rewards to users through its Use-to-Earn component and the fact that it comes pre-built with more enhanced default security and privacy settings than alternate platforms. AXshield takes the latter idea to a whole new level. It is also important to note that AXplorer and AXshield are 100% free for all users.

Ultimately, AXshield will be rolled out in two parts. Monday’s V1 release was a proxy that allows any AXplorer user to click one button and immediately re-route their IP address in order to enjoy added security and protection while browsing on their computers. There are numerous benefits that this feature delivers to users, including:

  1. Avoiding being tracked while using AXplorer — Anyone using AXshield can now mask their IP address from would-be sleuths or bad actors online.
  2. Geolocation perks while using AXplorer — Users can now access region-specific content that may otherwise be out of reach.
  3. Enjoying a safer browser experience — Feel better about using your browser when traveling, in areas when you’re accessing services like online banking through public WiFi, etc.

For a population that spends so much time online, these are some HUGE benefits to using AXshield in its current form. However, the upcoming launch of the full AXshield VPN will deliver even more value to users!

AXshield V2

AXshield V2 will position AXIA to deliver an even more advantageous, private and secure experience for all online activities through desktop, phone or other mobile devices that are connected to the internet. It is a full VPN that helps users avoid being tracked and remain secure when doing anything on the internet, even outside of browser activity. What does this mean exactly? Well, the majority of us have many online applications we utilize outside of web browsers such as social media apps, mail apps, apps connected to the cloud, etc. Whether it be from your phone or your computer, AXshield V2 will allow you to avoid being tracked while engaging in any of this activity anywhere, any time. From home, from public WiFi, nestled in your bed, while you’re on the run, it doesn’t matter — you’ll be able to stay secure!

Ultimately, the AXshield V2 VPN will be useful for users in a number of different ways:

  1. Avoiding being tracked across your entire operating system — Duck unwanted monitoring or attention while using any apps or platforms on your devices that are connected to the internet.
  2. Geolocation perks for apps — Access region-specific content on apps on your devices outside of your browser.
  3. Enjoying a safer online experience — Using AXshield ensures a greater level of safety while using the internet from your devices regardless of your location.

At this point some of you may be saying to yourself, I have nothing to hide, why do I need this? The popular counter-argument to this way of thinking is as follows: you may have nothing to hide in your email inbox, but would you choose to handover your password to a random stranger and let them read through your personal communications? Didn’t think so. Privacy should be a universal right that we all enjoy and the reality is that this is not the case today with so many actors — tech companies, social media platforms, online hackers, nefarious actors, and more! — vying to get ahold of our personal information and data. AXshield simply provides a much-needed layer of protection for all activities on your computer, mobile phone or other devices you may be using. This innovative new product, alongside the Use-to-Earn components of the AXIA applications are evidence that AXIA, unlike for-profit organizations, actually cares about its users, wants to protect them and reward them in a sustainable way. But wait … there more!

Reclaiming data ownership

AXIA announced a partnership with Universal Basic Data Income (UBDI) in 2021 that will eventually pave the way for all AXIA app users to not only stay more protected while connected, but also earn real, tangible value from the data they create. Over time, UBDI’s technology will enable users to opt-in to data sharing pools, participate in paid surveys and polls, and take part in other activities that result in the exchange of data (received by advertisers, companies and third-parties) for AXIA Coin (delivered to the individual participating). This means that you can be engaged in the same activities you’re already engaged in today but that you will be able to earn rewards off of that activity both passively and proactively should you choose to do so.

Or, if you don’t want the rewards and just want to stay protected, that’s fine too! You can simply continue to use tools like AXshield while not opting into any data sharing as AXIA will never sell its users’ data to third parties under any circumstances.

The UBDI integration into the AXIA apps is scheduled to take place in Q4 of this year.


There are a lot of web browsers on the market today, but most are either earning a significant profit at the expense of their users or trying to figure out how to do so. AXIA as a non-profit does not share these goals and instead wants to help pioneer the future of WEB3 by delivering a safer, more secure and more decentralized internet that can be accessed by users in every corner of the world.

AXplorer today is already a highly unique browser that offers more benefits than alternative options. It allows users to browse more safely and securely, reroute their IP address with the click of a button, and earn daily rewards in a hyper-deflationary digital currency called AXIA Coin all at the same time. All of this while being 100% free for all users.

As WEB3 continues to be largely a buzz word that intersects the worlds of tech, crypto and the internet generally, organizations should begin to strive to make consumer-driven products in which greater control, privacy and benefits are delivered to the user rather than profit and power continuing to go only to the select few.

AXIA has already made the democratization of data a major focus and will only continue to do so in more and more significant ways moving forward. AXplorer users are rewarded for their time, participation and support while also being given the tools required to enjoy the privacy they deserve online. This is not yet the industry standard, but AXIA will continue to deliver products like AXplorer and AXshield until both individuals and the market come to understand that there is indeed a better way than the system we are currently in.