AXIA 101 Axpay for business 2
June 24, 2022

AXIA 101: AXpay for Business


The AXIA Project is continually laying the groundwork required to ensure that the AXIA Network and AXIA Coin will both offer all participants significant utility in both the physical and digital worlds. The release of AXpay earlier in June was an important step in that it provides a fully functional and versatile payment gateway that helps to solidify AXIA Coin as a true medium of exchange for both in-person and online payments. While the platform is an important technical achievement for the project due to the fact that it opens up accessibility to individuals around the world, the use cases for AXpay will be amplified exponentially by the forthcoming launch of AXpay for Business.

While individuals can use AXpay to send and receive AXIA Coin in milliseconds, businesses will soon be able to use AXpay for Business to tap into a series of features that offer key strategic advantages that can help to set them apart from ever-increasing competition. AXpay for Business will enable entrepreneurs and small, medium and large-sized business owners to facilitate payments in AXIA Coin, build user-friendly loyalty and cash back rewards programs in seconds, and manage and maintain all of these services via a robust digital dashboard. All of this with no significant overheard, management costs or friction being added to their already-established business models. Of course, the implementation of AXpay for Business will also be transformational for individuals as it will allow them to begin to purchase goods and services with AXIA Coin at a number of establishments, the number of which will only increase with time.

AXpay for Business can play a key role in modernizing payment gateways worldwide.

AXpay for Business is going live this July and will, along with a series of other important items — the completion of the upgrade to the AXIA Network, the public launch of AXIA Tel, the go-live of new use-to-earn AXIA apps, to name a few! — continue to greatly enhance the fundamentals, utility and viability of the AXIA Project as a whole. In order to truly underscore the benefits that AXpay for Business can bring to the AXIA Ecosystem, let’s break down the different elements of the platform. Read on to learn more!

AXpay for Business launch details and features

First things first, let’s cover exactly what the integration of AXpay for Business will look like for business owners at launch. It’s important to note that from set up to finish, business owners can literally integrate their brick-and-mortar or online businesses into AXpay for Business in a matter of minutes. There are also no costs associated with getting started, the ongoing management of the platform or usage of the digital dashboard that is provided for all users to manage and oversee their programs.

Getting started is extremely simple. The AXIA team will be releasing a GitBook with step-by-step instructions detailing how to create a business account. Once the account is created, business owners will be able to utilize additional instructions in the GitBook to immediately take advantage of all of the platform’s different features, including:

Facilitation of AXIA Coin payments — Business owners can modernize their businesses by allowing their customers to pay for goods and services with hyper-deflationary AXIA Coin.

Access to global AXIA user base — AXpay for Business users can instantly tap into the 100,000 registered users in the AXIA Ecosystem.

QR codes and instant payment links — Participating users can continue to significantly modernize their business by creating QR codes and/or instant payment links for all of their products.

Loyalty programs — These are highly customizable for any business, can be created in seconds, managed via the AXpay for Business digital dashboard, and greatly improve customer retention.

Customers can gain access to cash back rewards for their loyalty in hyper-deflationary AXIA Coin.

Integration with external apps — AXpay for Business can be seamlessly connected into external apps without adding any friction for the business owner or their development teams.

Custom push notifications — Participants will have the option to develop custom push notifications that can be sent to their customers after sign up, purchases, etc.

On top of all these features, participating AXpay for Business entrepreneurs and business owners can be promoted as verified and preferred partners through the project’s website, social channels, PR outreach, etc.

At launch AXpay for Business will already have a number of established partners that will be utilizing the platform off the bat. Of course, the ongoing development, growth and promotion of AXpay for Business and its services to both the current AXIA community and potential external partners will be of paramount importance. Every new vendor and partner that is established will add that much more utility to the program, and to the project as a whole. And, as AXIA Coin is accepted at more and more locations around the world (both physically and digitally), and as more and more business owners begin to reap the rewards associated with using a platform like AXpay for Business, the benefits of the hyper-deflationary tokenomics of AXIA Coin will continue to be enhanced at the same time.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what setting up AXpay for Business entails and some of the advantageous features it offers business owners, let’s dive into some of the ways AXIA plans to onboard would-be participants following the platform’s launch.

Growing AXpay for Business over time

While AXpay for Business will be integrated with a number of businesses at launch, the project team will also be seeking the support of its community to help enhance, grow and expand the platform post-launch. As a result, AXIA will be launching a community-based AXpay for Business Pilot Program during the initial phase of the platform rollout. Any community members that are either burgeoning entrepreneurs or full-fledged business owners will be welcome to participate in the pilot program and work with the project team to make ongoing improvements to the platform, collaborate in onboarding new participants to the AXIA Ecosystem, and ultimately expand and enhance their own business and its offerings in the process.

AXpay for Business can help to facilitate AXIA Coin payments at popular businesses around the world.

These early adopters and project partners receive promotion across all of the AXIA channels that will help to enhance the visibility and awareness of their businesses. As AXIA grows, so too can their business with it. These project partners will continue to play an important role for the AXIA Project and its team from the launch onwards, regardless of how big the project becomes or how many new partners come onboard.

In addition to the pilot program, AXIA is actively developing a number of strategies and campaigns to raise awareness of AXpay for Business globally, and all that it can offer participants (both businesses and individuals) moving into the future. Details on some of these initiatives will be unveiled in the community following the launch of AXpay for Business once the initial pilot program participants and already-established participating businesses have been on-boarded onto the platform.


Traditional payment gateways and unique services like custom loyalty rewards programs have historically been arduous, costly, prohibitive and just an overall headache for business owners irrespective of location or industry. AXpay for Business fixes that. The forthcoming platform from AXIA provides business owners with a highly cost effective payment gateway and service that can greatly enhance businesses and help bring them into the Web3 environment seamlessly and efficiently.

Imagine a world where all of your favorite businesses accepted a digital currency like AXIA Coin with an economic model designed to create value for participants rather than extract it from them. As more and more participants begin downloading and using AXpay for Business for both peer-to-peer transactions and purchases at physical and online businesses, the hyper-deflationary tokenomics of the currency is enhanced that much more. Every transaction effectively has a positive impact on all others in the system simultaneously. That is the power of AXIA, and that is what AXpay for Business can ultimately help to facilitate.

Customers feel more rewarded while businesses can thrive—that’s the power of AXpay for Business!

While the launch of AXpay for Business marks an important technological achievement for AXIA, the true power of the platform will be unleashed over time as more and more businesses and individuals adopt the technology. This progression and evolution will play a significant role in the AXIA Project’s ongoing goal of creating a digital network and ecosystem that delivers its participants real long-term fundamental value and utility. As we’ve covered in the past, the start is not the finish line, but as the start of AXpay for Business does draw near, it’s important to recognize all that the platform can do for the project in the short term and for the world at large in the long term.