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May 27, 2022

AXIA 101: AXpay and the future of global payments


Last week’s May Founder’s Update from project visionary Nick Agar covered the state of the crypto industry and outlined how the AXIA team is laser-focused on building something sustainable that will stand the test of time. As we’ve seen over the past several months, the groundwork continues to be laid in order to accomplish that goal. Several products, platforms and apps have gone live over that time period, including but not limited to the AXIA Network, AXIA Capital Bank 2.0, AXplorer 2.0 (with AXshield) and AXpay. Today’s blog post will be focused on the latter, an app that will enable global payments in AXIA Coin and pave the way for significant utility and day-to-day usability of the digital currency.

Traditional finance apps developed by big tech such as Google Pay and Apple Pay are now used by hundreds of millions around the world for every kind of purchase and transaction imaginable. As we know, however, there are a lot of red flags when it comes to both the companies facilitating these apps and the fiat currencies that are primarily used with them. As has been covered regularly throughout the AXIA blog, the Googles and Apples of the world siphon the value created by users and their data away from them, instead utilizing it for personal and corporate gain. Outside of the pure profit side of the equation, these companies have been flagged time and time again for questionable data protection policies, leaving users with a large level of uncertainty when it comes to how their data and metadata is being used.

Outside of concerns around data privacy, the fiat currencies themselves that are used for payments through apps like Google and Apple Pay have proven to have major flaws. Wealth concentration continues to grow, inflation rates are raging globally and all the while more money continues to be printed, devaluing and debasing these currencies that much more on a regular basis.

All of this begs the question: what if there were a payment processing app developed by an organization that has its users interests at heart, which was accessible globally, highly inclusive, and based upon a currency with a sound economic structure? Well, now there is.

Welcome to the future of payments. Welcome to AXpay.

The vision for AXpay

If you’ve already used AXpay since it went live earlier in the week, you’ve gotten a glimpse into the power of its proprietary design. Cross-border and lightning quick payments with instant settlement, low or no fees, QR-code enabled, AXIA Ecosystem-compatible — AXpay has all the tools required to be used by AXIANS around the world for the foreseeable future. All of this, alongside all the app’s long-term functionality in terms of the benefits provided to businesses that integrate with AXpay as they become a part of the ecosystem and receive all the rewards from the AXIA Network effect. Over time, AXpay can become the signature global payments processing platform for the world. It already has all the technology required to do so, but its use cases, utility and user base can now begin to grow exponentially over the coming weeks, months and years as AXIA Coin, the native currency of the AXIA Network, can also become the preferred medium of exchange around the globe.

Unlike other digital currencies that suffer from slow transaction times and congestion, hundreds of thousands of payments with AXpay can be settled in milliseconds.

Here are some examples that highlight the future vision for AXpay:

AXpay for vendors

One of the most exciting and important use cases for the AXpay app is its ability to be integrated into businesses around the world with a simple download. The app provides greater cost-effectiveness as well as increasing efficiency and the facilitation of growth for all of its vendor participants.

Here are some of the many ways that businesses can benefit from AXpay:

Loyalty Rewards Programs — Businesses can set up highly tailored and customizable Loyalty Rewards Programs in a matter of minutes that create a win-win situation for all involved. These programs can encourage repeat business, attract new customers and improve the likelihood of growth. Oftentimes businesses that have loyalty programs are forced to carry liability, but not with AXpay. Plus, businesses can also easily manage these programs from a user-friendly dashboard that’s much more intuitive than legacy platforms in the traditional finance world.

Removing friction — Partner businesses that utilize AXpay will be making life much easier for customers shopping both online and in-store. Unlike alternative processors, AXpay features instant settlements which removes added work, administrative tasks and opportunity costs.

Cost effective — Businesses pay enormous fees and are forced to strike multi-year business deals with companies like Block (formerly Square) for the usage of payment terminals, etc. With AXpay, businesses gain access for free and can also utilize and benefit from all of the services like Loyalty Rewards Programs immediately upon activation.

Free from fees — Building on the above, businesses and individuals alike are subject to all kinds of fees on legacy payment platforms. AXpay features a proprietary design that ensures it always benefits both parties involved in every transaction while each side is also able to take advantage of the hyper-deflationary design offered by the AXIA Network.

AXpay for individuals

One of the best things about AXpay is that it offers a great deal of benefits to both businesses and individuals. With the WEB3 movement continuing to gain momentum across the world, individuals are realizing more and more that there are solutions that will enable them to be rewarded for their economic activity that don’t exist today rather than handing it off to big tech and corporations to profit off of. AXpay is a prime example of a next-generation platform that will allow its users to do just that.

Here are some of the many ways that individuals can benefit from AXpay:

Universal rewards across industries — Most of today’s loyalty programs are specific business-to-business. For example, to access Starbucks rewards, you must have your own app, a unique log in, etc. If you go to three separate coffee shops, you are required to manage multiple different apps, log-in credentials, etc. This is not an ideal system especially when spread out across so many different industries and companies. With AXpay, you have a singular database to accumulate, manage and spend rewards from all different participating vendors, irrespective of industry, all while benefiting from the hyper-deflationary tokenomics of AXIA.

Payment processing for the modern world — Life is busy and complicated. The more hoops and unnecessary paperwork and bills that can be eliminated, the better. With AXpay, each transaction is settled instantly and doesn’t need to be paid for a second time via your bills on a separate platform or app.

Cross-border and user-friendly payments and remittance — AXpay has many use cases for individuals outside of just business applications. The app enables any member of the AXIA Ecosystem to send and receive AXIA Coin payments or remit to any other member anywhere in the world, in milliseconds. A Canadian AXIAN can join a Fantasy Football league with a friend in Kenya and pay for it in milliseconds. Another member based in Japan can send funds to their family who are based in Australia in, again, milliseconds. AXIA Coin and AXpay already both have the power to transcend borders.

AXIA Ecosystem, united — AXpay can be connected to all of the different apps and platforms within the AXIA Ecosystem. Therefore, it can be used within all of these ecosystem applications but also out in the real world for both online and in-store payments.

These are just some of the many use cases that are already available through AXpay right off the bat. Over time, many more options may be added, such as the ability to pay bills, connect AXpay to the AXIA apps, and much more! Now that we’ve covered the vision, let’s highlight some of the app’s basic functionality for new users.


The future isn’t years down the line, it has arrived. As a result of the advent of the internet and the blockchain, we are no longer forced to allow big tech and corporations to dictate who receives the value from our online or economic activity. AXpay represents the true democratization, modernization and decentralization of payments around the world, all while being made available alongside a hyper-deflationary digital currency that can reward all participants with each transaction made on the app and within the AXIA Network.

In the very near future, AXIA will be announcing the first group of partner businesses to utilize AXpay for their customers. This announcement will bring with it an amazing opportunity to greatly expand the utility and use cases not only of AXpay but of AXIA Coin itself and all of its global participants while also enabling the project as a whole to continue to bridge the worlds of traditional finance and digital currencies in ways that have never before been seen.

There are very exciting times ahead as AXIA continues to pioneer solutions to the broken systems around us that are not working to the benefit of businesses of all sizes and their consumers. Enough is enough, now is the time to start using the tools that have been developed to forge a more enlightened path that provides more freedom and rewards for ourselves for all of the economic activity that we conduct in our daily lives. AXpay is one tool in an ecosystem of platforms developed by AXIA that can modernize commerce and help change the economic paradigm for the better, for the benefit of us all.