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June 3, 2022

AXIA 101: AXIA Tel and the future of decentralized telecommunications


Last week we covered the launch of AXpay and the impact it can have on the future of global payments. Today we’re shifting focus to another major launch at AXIA that is on the cusp of going live and could have a significant impact on the future in terms of how we communicate and connect with others. That launch is the AXIA Tel Encrypted Smartphone which, after months of testing and development, is being shipped out to all pre-order participants this month. Following these initial deliveries, a public sale for the encrypted devices will go live, along with the launch of AX-Fi — a portable router that provides revolutionary Wi-Fi internet coverage anywhere it’s taken.

For far too long, a select few tech and telecom conglomerates have leveraged their monopolistic control over the mobile phone and mobile coverage markets. This has left consumers with few options but to pay egregious sums for these services with no viable alternatives in sight. Meanwhile many have also been drawn in by generationally successful marketing teams at companies like Apple, and their ability to persuade individuals that shelling out several thousand of their hard-earned dollars for devices that are in many ways not much different from cheaper alternatives within the space should be the status quo. All-in-all big tech and telecom companies grow richer and richer while people around the world — already facing giant roadblocks such as global warming, inflation and general economic hardship — continue to foot the bill.

Those of you that have been following along with these blogs on a weekly basis are probably beginning to identify a recurring theme. That being, we live in a world where the select few continue to benefit at the expense of the majority. On the other side of this equation, AXIA as a non-profit is continually working to provide solutions in the form of products, platforms and technology that can help deliver a more rewarding environment for its participants, with the goal of beginning to shift the power dynamic back where it rightfully belongs, which is on the side of the many (individuals) and not the few (corporate and for-profit interests).

Today’s blog post will highlight how the AXIA Tel Encrypted Smartphone and AX-Fi devices can play an important role in the rebalancing of these scales by providing individuals with more choice, more affordability, and a much higher level of security and decentralization. Let’s break down these products one-by-one.

AXIA Tel Encrypted Smartphone

AXIA launched the pre-sale of AXIA Tel Encrypted Smartphones in late 2021. Since that time the team has been working diligently to deliver a completely original, highly functional and ultra safe and secure device. Despite delays in shipping, fulfillment and supply chains globally, the time for the public unveiling of the first product from AXIA Tel has come! A communication went out to all pre-order participants earlier this week allowing them to confirm the completion of their purchases and have their devices shipped to them in June.

Following the shipments to these AXIA Tel pre-order “pioneers,” the public sale will commence. That means people around the world will be able to purchase the first piece of hardware released by AXIA Tel, a portal through which any user can instantly access the AXIA Ecosystem, its applications and direct widgets to platforms like the AXIA Member Rewards Center. It’s now time to share some of the device’s most exciting features with the world. These features include:

AXIA Secure OS — The AXIA Tel Encrypted Smartphone has its very own operating system. It is native and hyper-secure system, designed without the integration of Google servers or network checks, and no personal data is able to be accessed by third-parties. The operating system supports the world’s leading apps and platforms through Aurora Apps.

Dual-SIM functionality — The first-of-its-kind smartphone has two SIM card slots so that you can flip back and forth between your standard mobile provider and your AXIA Tel coverage plan, should you wish to do so. The latter will provide access to a more secure network, however, so is more suitable for anyone seeking the highest level of privacy while using their mobile device.

AXIA app widget — As noted above, the AXIA Tel Encrypted Smartphone comes pre-loaded with all of the AXIA apps and a direct click-through to other important ecosystem platforms like the AXIA Member Rewards Center. Generate compounded rewards through tapping into multiple AXIA use-to-earn apps each day, view and manage your rewards in seconds, and use apps like AXpay to make global payments in milliseconds. As new apps are released, phone holders can run AXIA Secure OS updates and have them automatically added to their devices.

Mobile Staking (coming soon) — One of the most exciting features of the smartphone will be the ability it provides to directly become a Validator or Nominator on the AXIA Network. Mobile Staking will go live along with additional on-chain functionality in the very near future and details on how phone holders can utilize this unique feature will be shared closer to this launch.

Encrypted communications — This one is made obvious by the device’s name, but it is incredibly important as we are increasingly living in a world rife with invasive marketing tactics, scammers and nefarious actors that would seek access to the personal data and information you create through your cell phone usage. All communications on the phone are encrypted, so you needn’t worry about your safety and privacy, and can finally say goodbye to things like scam calls revolving around social security numbers, air ducts, etc.

Global, mobile coverage — Coinciding with the public launch of the smartphone, global coverage plans and SIMs will also be made available to all holders. Pre-order participants can also purchase one should they wish at that time. These plans, offered exclusively by AXIA Tel, will provide access to mobile coverage around the world seamlessly on highly secure networks. Users will also get the benefits of the dynamic and innovative AXIA Loyalty Program through these coverage plans.

State-of-the-Art features — The AXIA Tel Encrypted Smartphone has specs that can compete with the top phones in the market today. From a stunning LCD screen to its tech-forward camera, you won’t miss a beat when you transition from your traditional device over to an AXIA Tel one. For a full list of features, check out the AXIA Tel page on the AXIA website.

To recap, let’s highlight exactly how the AXIA Tel Encrypted Smartphone delivers value to holders and can help to shift the power paradigm in the world’s mobile phone and coverage markets.

Firstly, the phone is much more affordable for everyday individuals, coming in at only about a quarter of the price (or less) of industry stalwarts like iPhones or Samsungs. Pre-order participants paid just $399 USD (and received a 10% discount). The public sale price will not be far off of this and will be announced at the time of launch. Additionally, global coverage plans will also be much more affordable for all holders, especially in countries where a select few mobile companies dictate the market and hold their customers hostage to unreasonable pricing models.

Secondly, the phone gives users direct access to opportunities to generate rewards for themselves, and tap into the benefits that come along with accumulating hyper-deflationary AXIA Coin, which has real-world utility. They can also utilize use-to-earn apps directly through the phone (many more are launching soon, compounding rewards-generating opportunities greatly) and participate in innovative and highly favorable programs like Mobile Staking in the very near future, as well.

Thirdly, AXIA Tel has provided another way to ensure a greater level of privacy, security and safety while accessing the internet. The project has already done this with multiple free products like AXplorer (now with AXshield), encrypted apps like AXchat, and more. But now, all communications and messaging done through your mobile device will be encrypted, protected, and outside of the watchful eyes of would-be sleuths, bad actors, or even marketers and third-parties that are after your data for their own gain.

The V1 of the AXIA Tel Encrypted Smartphone is only the beginning.

AXIA Tel will be constantly striving to improve and upgrade the smartphone on a regular basis to provide even more benefits to holders moving forward, and has an exciting lineup of additional rewards-driven products planned. With that being said, this is also a great opportunity to shed some light on the second piece of hardware being delivered by AXIA Tel — AX-Fi.

AX-Fi Mobile Routers

Let’s face it, dealing with internet companies is arduous and painful. It’s expensive, setting up routers is complicated, and if you have any issues with your service, getting it dealt with is chaotic. With Web3, new opportunities for more decentralized forms of the internet, at lower cost, and with greater range have become a possibility. This potential can begin to be realized through products like AX-Fi, the first mobile, wireless router from AXIA Tel.

The AX-Fi portable router is a computerized mouse-sized device, which provides revolutionary decentralized Wi-Fi internet coverage anywhere it’s taken. The device provides users with stable, high-speed internet for personal or business use. Users are not bound to coverage areas by a specific ISP or telco. AX-Fi instead allows AXIA Ecosystem participants to access the unique network provided via AXIA Tel — at home, in transit, at the beach, or anywhere in between!

AX-Fi can provide Wi-Fi coverage for up to 5–8 devices, depending on use of bandwidth. Over time the device can become a must-have for travelers, remote workers, and other individuals that find themselves on-the-go and in need of a stable connection to the web.

The launch of the AX-Fi device can greatly enhance global networks and democratize the way people think about connectivity around the world via mobile devices. AX-Fi will also have several functions not thoroughly outlined in this blog post that have not yet been revealed. Without giving too much away, neighbors, communities and workplaces will be able to use AX-Fi products in tandem to receive much more cost-effective network coverage without sacrificing security or speed. More information on this will be provided closer to the product’s official launch.


Today’s blog post only covers the tip of the iceberg as far as the impact that AXIA Tel can have for participants all around the world. It will provide individuals with devices that greatly expand the possibilities of remote work and connectivity at much more affordable rates and with enhanced encryption and security features included. Plus, AXIA Tel devices will provide a seamless portal to the AXIA Network through which all participants can generate daily rewards and trigger the benefits that come from them through the ongoing accumulation of a hyper-deflationary digital currency in AXIA Coin.

AXIA, the AXIA Network, AXIA Coin, and now AXIA Tel are all about giving power, autonomy and more reward-driven, inclusive and decentralized economics to the people. All of these entities working in tandem can play a part in helping society shift away from plutocracy, oligopolies and monopolies. The importance of this cannot be understated as the unfairness, barriers to entry and opportunities for both freedom-of-choice and advancement remain limited in society, and as big tech and corporations continue to line their pockets at the expense — and to the detriment of — individuals worldwide.

The time has come to seize back control of our internet and the mobile coverage that has been largely monopolized around the world for far too long. AXIA helps lead the push into Web3 by providing more decentralization and democratization through fair and accessible means for everyone. Furthermore, it is providing the means to protect our data with devices like the AXIA Tel Encrypted Smartphone. It’s also providing the much-needed opportunity to help us collectively shift our mindsets to the understanding that big tech does not have our best interests at heart. While devices like iPhones are the status quo, they no longer offer vastly superior technology compared to their counterparts, including new-to-market, first generation devices like the AXIA Tel phone. AXIA Tel participants can enjoy a more secure, more rewarding device at a fraction of the cost, all while generating ongoing rewards in the world’s first hyper-deflationary currency. Meanwhile, participants will also be able to leverage the second AXIA Tel product, AX-Fi, for added flexibility and expanded possibilities in terms of how and where the internet works for individuals.

AXIA Tel is in its infancy but there are truly exciting times ahead. A major difference between a project like AXIA and a company like Apple is that had you bought an iPhone in its first year, you would simply be left today with a useless device that no longer provides any benefit. With AXIA, you can generate ongoing rewards for yourself and others via hyper-deflationary AXIA Coin, which offers significant utility. This can yield a positive outcome for yourself and all other AXIA Tel and AXIA Ecosystem participants all at same time, well into the future. Finally the majority can benefit while slowly grappling control back from the few, just the way it should be.