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March 25, 2022

AXIA 101: AXIA Capital Bank 2.0


AXIA Capital Bank has truly embraced the blockchain revolution and is delivering on the industry’s decentralized pioneering vision and spirit to bridge the worlds of traditional finance and crypto in a way that has never been done before. The bank recently went through a significant upgrade to its own custom platform in preparation for the launch of the AXIA Network mainnet, at which point it will be able to be seamlessly integrated with the blockchain through its own network supporting staking program, different DeFi applications, and much more.

AXIA Capital Bank 1.0 was launched in 2021 with the goal of providing highly favorable programs and services to members around the world — a pursuit that in the span of a year it has just begun to achieve. The legacy banking platform provided members with the opportunity to earn daily AXIA Coin banking rewards of 12% annually on any AXIA Coins held in accounts, a far more generous offering than the fiat banks of today which typically offer less than 1% or nothing at all on long-term holdings.

In late 2021, with the AXIA Project’s introduction of its hyper-deflationary token economics and new network vision, the bank introduced a temporary version of the incredibly popular AXIA Staking Program for all members, allowing them to earn up to 192% APR (Annual Percentage Rewards) on any AXIA Coins they wished to stake for a set period of time.

As progressive as the initial banking platform was, the new and improved AXIA Capital Bank 2.0 is where true next level innovation and the widespread adoption of AXIA Coin can begin.

This blog post will cover everything that you need to know about the 2.0 platform, from the introduction of an upgraded payment gateway to the coming launch of AXpay, and everything in between! At the conclusion of this article you will have a much firmer understanding of the upgraded AXIA Capital Bank, what these changes mean for new and existing members, and where it has the potential to go moving forward.

What’s new with AXIA Capital Bank 2.0?

Firstly, the new banking platform accomplishes two very important goals:

  1. It introduces essential and versatile new fiat and digital currency friendly features unique to any banking system in the world.
  2. It was specifically engineered on the backend in a way that will allow for seamless integration with the AXIA Network.

Point #2 is not as publicly visible today but will allow both internal and external developers to much more easily connect services between the AXIA Network and AXIA Capital Bank. The importance of this cannot be overstated.

Today’s blog post, however, will primarily cover the upgrades that are in plain sight here and now. So, without further ado let’s go over some of these immediate upgrades:

New has been completely overhauled, resulting in a more modern and functional website that closely mirrors some of the leading competitors in the space in terms of overall quality. The site has gone live but is continually being enhanced; this includes functionality improvements as needed, a rigorously updated FAQ section set to go live shortly, and additional educational materials that are being produced for publication highlighting some of the bank’s key services such as staking.

New user interface — Alongside the modernized website, the entire look and feel of the banking platform itself has been improved significantly to strengthen the user journey and make navigation across the portal simpler. Any long-time members will observe a noticeable difference in this arena and the team has received near unanimous approval of the new layout and aesthetic integration from bank members around the world. A supporting mobile application is being developed and will support all the modern convenience offered by other banks. The app is planned for release later this year and specific timelines will follow after the AXIA Network launch takes place.

How does ‘AXpay’ fit into all of this?

The forthcoming launch of AXpay was teased out in a recent newsletter to all AXIA Capital Bank members. For those of you that didn’t receive that communication, AXpay is a digital payment system that will allow merchants and individuals to accept AXIA Coin globally.

The mobile app and developer SDK will launch just after the AXIA Network and will function similar to PayPal or Apple Pay to provide the means for AXIA Coin to seamlessly and conveniently be exchanged for goods and services without the use of legacy payment systems.

AXpay is not only about providing a payment gateway that allows for instantaneous settlement at a much cheaper cost, as it can also provide participants with the ability to receive more value from being part of the AXIA community through loyalty programs, incentives, rewards, etc. AXIA Capital Bank members will even be able to utilize AXpay from their staking accounts, a value proposition unmatched across alternative staking programs.

The launch of AXpay will signal yet another unique and advantageous offering from AXIA. More information concerning AXpay and how it will function in conjunction with AXIA Capital Bank 2.0 will be provided leading up to the official launch.

Coming Soon

The launch of the 2.0 platform not only set the stage for integration with the AXIA Network, but also laid the groundwork for a series of additional new updates that will be launched. The go-live of these features will continue to add value to the experience of banking with AXIA:

New payment gateway — The ability to buy AXIA Coin with credit or debit has nearly arrived! This is an incredibly exciting advancement within the banking platform as it will set the stage for the global adoption of AXIA Coin by lowering the barriers for those that wish to do so. All users will have to do to acquire AXIA Coin is simply log in to their AXIA Capital Bank accounts and make a simple online purchase as if they were ordering theater tickets or some household items from an e-commerce platform. Plus, those funds will immediately be able to be added to existing staking pools and utilized in various ecosystem and upcoming DeFi applications.

Upgraded debit card program — The AXIA debit card program is a member-favorite and the relaunch is on the way. More information on the updates to this program will be made available at launch.

Navigating the new bank

Specific updates have been made in the new bank when it comes to navigating the platform. In the interest of making this new journey as member-friendly as possible, here are some updates on basic changes that have been made that should help simplify the transition:

Depositing AXIA Coin into AXIA Capital Bank

Previously, AXIA Wallets in the AXIA Ecosystem and AXIA Capital Bank were connected. That is no longer the case as your AXIA Capital Bank account has now been custom built to convert your AXIA ERC 20 token into the AXIA Network Coin at the time of launch. So with that in mind, here’s your guide for how you go about depositing your soon-to-be-replaced AXIA Coin ERC20 tokens into your account:

Step 1: Log in to your AXIA Capital Bank account and click ‘Deposit’ on the left-hand menu.

Step 2: Click the AXIA Wallet (Ethereum) icon at the top right.

Step 3: Double click the notepad to the right of your ETH Wallet Address. Your AXIA Wallet Address will now be copied and you can use it to send AXIA Coin into your bank account from any external source.

Adding funds to an existing staking account

At any time, you can add AXIA Coins to an existing staking account to increase the amount you are staking. Please note that all current pools are time-limited and upon the launch of the AXIA Network they will have rewards features that will begin and end based on user demand like other staking programs. In order to take part now just follow these basic steps:

Step 1: Log in to your AXIA Capital Bank account and click ‘Staking’ on the left-hand menu.

Step 2: Once logged in, click anywhere on the staking account you want to add funds to and you’ll be navigated to the account page itself.

Step 3: Once in the account, click the ‘Add Funds’ button and follow the prompts. Once you’ve completed the form, your AXIA Coins will be added. Please note: you’ll need AXIA Coins in your wallet in order to add funds to your staking account.


AXIA Capital Bank remains the primary gateway through which participants can acquire AXIA Coin. The bank offers many advantages such as the AXIA Staking Program, the ability to use AXIA Coin as a means of payment around the world and many more features that are coming online soon to fulfill the goal of the bank to become a one-stop-shop for all of your financial needs. While more and more gateways will begin to open up that will enable the widespread adoption of AXIA Coin, the banking platform will always be an integral part of the project that offers superior benefits across its entire suite of services than one could receive elsewhere.

The recent launch of the 2.0 banking platform lays the foundation for the institution’s seamless integration with the forthcoming AXIA Network. This crossover will help position AXIA, the AXIA Network and AXIA Capital Bank at the forefront of not just the crypto space, but the traditional finance industry as well.