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April 8, 2022

AXIA 101: AXIA Applications


Anticipation continues to build as the launch of the AXIA Network mainnet quickly approaches. The network itself and all of the inefficiencies it aims to address has already been covered extensively in a recent blog post. As a follow up to that, today’s article will focus specifically on a number of applications that have been in production for some time that will go live following the mainnet launch or shortly thereafter.

All of these applications that will be delivered by the AXIA team are another way that the AXIA Network stands apart from most other blockchain projects in the space. The model that is typically followed goes something like this:

Step 1 — Launch a blockchain

Step 2 — Incentivize external developers to build on-chain apps and platforms

Step 3 — Continue to engage developers as products are built on your network over time

With the AXIA Network, this model is being shaken up. While the AXIA team will, of course, be working with many developers around the world and creating partnerships with talented engineers and technologists, the AXIA Network will already be able to offer participants several fully functional and innovative applications right away. Four of these applications will be covered in today’s blog post; AXclusive (NFT Platform), AXswap (Decentralized Exchange), AXelerator (Token Launchpad) and AXpay (Global Payments System).

These platforms have the advantage of always being further enhanced by the hyper-deflationary tokenomics of the AXIA Network that delivers value to participants at every turn via coin burning, which was also covered in a recent blog post. As activity takes place on these platforms, all of the coins that holders have in their wallets will become more and more rare by the moment.

The exact timeline for the rollout of the applications being covered today will be outlined as the mainnet launch draws near. All of them have been in development since the AXIA team made the decision to launch its own blockchain and are in the very final stages of testing and/or development. The team is incredibly excited to finally introduce some of these platforms to the world and provide even more opportunity for individuals to engage with the project and reap the rewards of hyper-deflationary AXIA Coin, the AXIA Network and the AXIA Ecosystem as a whole. Without further ado, let’s go into it!


NFTs or ‘Non-Fungible Tokens’ have become a booming industry within the blockchain space, and for good reason. NFTs open up a world of possibilities across many different spaces including digital ownership, art and collectibles, music, entertainment, and much more! While the Ethereum blockchain is currently the most popular home to NFT trading, many issues persist on this network including high fees, slow speeds and a lack of interoperability.

AXclusive is an NFT platform being launched by AXIA that aims to add even more utility, creativity and community for the AXIA Network and its participants. The platform has been built by creators for creators and all long-term functionality on AXclusive has been engineered in a way that supports the artists and collectors participating on it.

As with other popular NFT platforms, sellers will be able to set detailed parameters on any items they wish to list, including price, royalty rates, timelines, sale format, and more. NFTs have introduced previously unheard of long-term benefits for creators who can now reap the rewards of secondary sales via ongoing royalties — a feature which AXclusive will proudly offer, as well.

Beyond what is offered on alternative platforms, AXclusive users will always benefit from the hyper-deflationary tokenomics of AXIA Coin and the fact that any fees (which are already extremely low to begin with) generated through sales, listings, etc. will always be burned to provide value to users. This is an incredible value proposition as every transaction and action taken within the platform will ultimately serve to benefit the creator of the NFT (through the initial transaction and ongoing royalties generated afterwards) and the buyer of the NFT due to the value created from AXIA Coin becoming more scarce. All of these actions will also benefit the remainder of the community simultaneously.

Cross-chain minting and selling will also be offered on AXclusive, allowing for interoperability that has not been historically offered on leading NFT platforms. Details as to which networks will be incorporated on AXclusive will be made available prior to the launch.

AXclusive can also be used for other practices such as business operations, in which security for data and other information is paramount.

All different kinds of NFTs (collectibles, originals, editions, etc.) will be offered on AXclusive, but AXIA will also be introducing its very own PFP (profile picture) project shortly following the platform launch. This project will include genuine utility for AXIA holders and is being designed to reward community participants and long-time advocates of AXIA. More details on this project including how the mint will be conducted will be offered close to the launch of AXclusive.

The AXclusive Dino collection will offer real utility to AXIANS and let them show their AXIA pride to the world.*Disclaimer: images shown here are only intended as examples and are not the finished collection.


A crucial goal of the AXIA Project is to provide real, fundamental long-term value and utility to its global community as many of today’s cryptocurrencies are purely speculative and don’t offer their participants enough tangible real-world use cases. This is a key distinction that will help set AXIA apart in a crowded global market. With tools like AXpay, the utility of AXIA Coin is significantly strengthened and expanded upon over the long-term.

AXpay makes payment processing in AXIA Coin more fluid and seamless overnight.

AXpay will become the portal through which global payments can be accepted in AXIA Coin from vendors, merchants and peer-to-peer via in-person, online and B2B transactions. This application, which is nearing completion in its development cycle, is the AXIA version of Apple or Google Pay but is crafted specifically for the AXIA Ecosystem. Available via web and mobile applications, AXpay is a completely secure crypto payment gateway that will enable seamless purchases via QR codes and AXIA Capital Bank and ecosystem accounts. Users of AXpay will benefit from low fees and instantaneous settlements, as well as an innovative loyalty program that can create an ongoing revenue stream to all those that accept payment in AXIA Coin. The latter will become yet another example of how any activity in the AXIA Ecosystem and across the network can benefit not just the individuals executing the transactions but the entire community.


AXIA is focused on helping turn community members’ dreams into reality and part of that vision includes supporting entrepreneurs to access business opportunities via the AXIA Network and AXelerator platform. One way that access will be provided will be through latter’s launchpad in which individuals can more easily create a utility token, security token or other token classes depending on the needs and requirements of the project.

AXelerator will also offer a digital marketplace that connects individuals and institutions that have interest in high growth potential projects, start-ups and/or new token issuances as well as those looking to tokenize assets. These different projects can gain exposure to the global AXIA user base that includes a large number of individuals as well as institutions.

Transactions on AXelerator will occur just as easily as buying or selling an item on any e-commerce platform. This decentralized marketplace will lower barriers to entry and provide a vessel through which projects can achieve their business goals.

AXelerator will foster innovation on the AXIA Network.

The ultimate goal of AXelerator, which will launch shortly following the AXIA Network mainnet launch, is to ensure that network partners can reach their full potential. As success grows amongst the AXIA community and all of its participants, so too will the project itself.

AXelerator will provide value to the AXIA Network and community, and help both accomplish positive social initiatives. Network partners that utilize AXelerator will also gain the benefit from the marketplace, which will utilize the hyper-deflationary tokenomics of AXIA. Special priority will be given to projects that help support positive social initiatives and move the human race forward in a progressive manner utilizing blockchain technology and the advanced capabilities brought forth by the AXIA Network.


AXswap is another DeFi (decentralized finance) platform that will help encourage global adoption of AXIA through a number of features and offerings that provide the potential for outstanding rewards and opportunities for participants. AXswap will be the first DEX (decentralized exchange) on the AXIA Network and introduces a number of offerings that aren’t going to be available on other exchanges, such as farming, lotteries and Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs). The latter will be a way for any token to immediately get listed on an exchange in a decentralized manner that is far more favorable as compared to traditional exchanges. Furthermore, AXswap will allow for tokens on other networks to immediately list on the platform in order to take advantage of the superior trading environment and more favorable economics.

AXswap will offer highly favorable farming pools to the AXIA Ecosystem.

AXswap will stand apart from other exchanges that utilize fees for different types of activities for their own benefit as it, along with all other applications in the AXIA Ecosystem, will be burning fees to benefit all holders in yet another manner.

DEXs have historically been extremely popular DeFi products amongst crypto enthusiasts and evangelists around the world. AXswap will provide participants of the AXIA Network a superior trading environment for all token projects that exist on the blockchain.


The majority of crypto projects launch their network mainnets with the idea being that application development will grow over time. While the AXIA Network mainnet launch is undoubtedly a major milestone moment for the project as a whole, the importance and excitement surrounding the launch is expanded that much more by the fact that the team has already been developing a number of applications that will greatly strengthen the utility and overall adoption of the network itself.

Each of the applications covered in today’s blog will serve distinct purposes in terms of the long-term vision of AXIA as a whole. AXclusive will help AXIA establish a significant cultural footprint within the space while offering creators and collectors a portal to buy and sell NFTs with AXIA Coin. AXpay introduces the means through which payments and transactions can take place globally with AXIA Coin — an important step that cannot be understated in terms of establishing real-world utility and its exemplification of the value in using AXIA Coin as a preferred currency and medium of exchange. AXelerator encourages community growth and adoption all while promoting positive initiatives that can help move our society and AXIA forward simultaneously. And finally, AXswap delivers the best type of trading environment for the AXIA Network and all the tokens that can be exchanged on it.

It is now under one month until the AXIA Network mainnet is officially live! Official timelines and more in-depth details regarding the launches of all these applications will be provided to the AXIA Community ahead of time, as has been the case with other important developments in the project’s history.

All AXIA community members are welcome and encouraged to participate with all of these applications as they have all been designed for the benefit of the community itself. The hyper-deflationary tokenomics of AXIA Coin, which will be utilized within all of these applications, will serve to benefit every single holder of the coin at every turn — regardless of whether they’re using these applications or not. And over time, as the adoption and utility associated with all of these applications continues to expand, the network will grow stronger and evolve with them in an ongoing manner.