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August 29, 2022

AXIA 101: AXconnect


Last week’s launch of AXconnect marked the introduction of the fourth Use-to-Earn (U2E) application in the AXIA Ecosystem. AXconnect, along with AXchat, AXplorer and AXpress provides the AXIA community with the opportunity to generate daily rewards in the hyper-deflationary AXIA Coin just through basic usage and activity. Plus, the app also provides a portal through which community members can forge new connections, expand their networks, and create and distribute meaningful content in a variety of different formats.

Grow your network and make new connections through AXconnect.

Excitingly, there are still many more new U2E apps on the way. The launch of these platforms will further enable users around the world to generate daily crypto rewards while continuing to diminish the need to use most of the app’s currently used today that are overseen by big tech, have no Web3 components and extract value from users at every turn. But today, let’s focus on AXconnect and what kind of complementary benefits it can offer alongside the recent launch of AXpress.

Introducing AXconnect

AXconnect is the second public-facing U2E app developed by AXIA. Whereas AXpress is a platform that enables you to share text, video and photo posts of up to 500 characters, AXconnect is more utilized for sharing in-depth information and developing deep connections with other users through new features like groups, event management through scheduling, blog creation, and more.

Despite its rewards feature only launching this week, AXconnect is already a busy platform with many active users. This is a strong springboard from which to grow, and provides ample opportunities for basic rewards generation since the system is largely based on engagement with one another on the platform.

As aforementioned, there are a lot of options available in terms of how to connect and share content on AXconnect. For starters, you can share anything that’s on your mind via text, photo or video posts, which you can choose to broadcast publicly or only to your own network. And of course, through creating, sharing and engaging with content you can develop new friends and connections with community members worldwide — one of the most unique benefits of joining AXIA in the first place!

Share content in a variety of formats, including text, photos and videos.

Through AXconnect, you can also customize notification settings, send and receive direct messages, create topic streams that you can build yourself or watch grow, and check out content by specific categories such as photos or videos. Plus, you can develop groups for specific topics, sports teams, organizations, etc., and schedule events to bolster attendance and interest.

Get ready to attend more events through AXconnect’s groups and scheduling features.

Last but not least, you can also develop your own custom blog on the platform to build a following and become a thought leader on whatever topics interest you.

The future of AXconnect

AXconnect, like AXpress, AXchat and AXplorer, makes good on the promise of Web3. Not tomorrow, not a year from now, but today. You can already receive daily rewards in a hyper-deflationary digital currency with many exciting catalysts on the way over the next several months in exchange for your basic activity and participation. While most Web3 projects and companies are building something that will not truly be here until years down the line, AXIA is here today and will only be expanding its tech offerings and platforms substantially moving forward.