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June 7, 2022

AXIA 101: AXclusive Whitelisting


The AXIA team has been developing the first NFT platform on the AXIA Network, AXclusive, for some time. The platform will offer many unique advantages including cross-chain functionality (in addition to AXIA, users can mint and trade NFTs on ETH, BNB and MATIC) and minimal gas fees that are always burned (gas fees for NFTs on the AXIA Network will also be significantly more cost effective than networks like Ethereum) — all while revolving around the world’s first hyper-deflationary digital currency in AXIA Coin (AXC).

Today’s most popular platforms like OpenSea boast millions of users but don’t offer those users any long-term benefits despite generating millions and millions in revenue and VC funding. The majority of these platforms also remain single-chain, lack versatility and seldom provide their users with any perks for their loyalty and usage, while simply providing a hub for trading NFTs in cryptocurrencies that are often inflationary, environmentally destructive, etc.

With AXclusive, there is a chance to build a truly community-led NFT Platform that scales with the community, for the community. OpenSea takes 2.5% of every purchase, AXclusive will take less. Platforms like SuperRare only onboard select artists, AXclusive will give artists from all different backgrounds and at various levels of their careers a platform and a chance to be seen. Because all AXIA NFTs on AXclusive will be bought and sold in hyper-deflationary AXC and all associated gas fees will be burned, every transaction on the platform will make the AXC all community members are holding that much more scarce. AXclusive can be the most inclusive, rewarding NFT Platform that the world has ever seen, and it’s been handcrafted just for the AXIA community.

Axclusive is in BETA and is nearly ready for public launch. Ahead of that wider public launch, the AXIA team is unveiling a Whitelisting process today to give early access to its community members, and a number of artists that wish to be the first creators featured on the platform. Anybody who receives a spot on the Whitelist will be the first to check out AXclusive, mint some of the first-ever NFTs in AXC, and buy and sell other NFTs on the newly-launched platform.

Today’s blog post will dive a bit deeper into the Whitelisting process, including how it works, what type of access it will grant members moving into the future, and other important details. Let’s get started.

AXclusive Whitelist

There will be a number of ways to get onto the AXclusive Whitelist, including participating in contests, applying through the AXclusive landing page, engaging with different content in the community, and more! Through each of these onboarding methods, a handful of participants will be selected to be added to the Whitelist.

The majority of the Whitelist will be selected via weekly randomized draws with names being pulled from the application list. Additionally, the team will hand select a number of participants that are regularly engaged in the community channels to receive spots. And last but not least, anyone that reaches level 10 in the official AXIA Discord will automatically qualify.

Leading up to the early access launch, all applicants that have received a Whitelist spot will be shared in the official AXIA Telegram and Discord communities every Monday.

Once you’re on the Whitelist, you will receive the following perks:

Early access — You will be part of the very first group to ever test out AXclusive and mint, buy and sell NFTs on the platform! The exact date your access will begin will be shared prior to the end of the Whitelisting period.

Gas fee/minting rebates — If you’re on the Whitelist, AXIA will refund any gas fees associated with minting, buying or selling AXIA-specific NFTs on the platform during the early access period. Simply show your transaction proof and an equivalent amount of AXC will be returned to your account.

AXIA Dino Club Whitelist spots — The AXIA team has been developing its own NFT collection on the AXIA Network which will, of course, feature its signature Dino character and offer utility and ongoing rewards to holders. By gaining access to the AXclusive Whitelist, you will also be given an opportunity to apply for priority access to the AXIA Dino Club Whitelist, as well!

Creators Fund (artist-specific) — Any artists that get on the Whitelist will be able to apply for the AXclusive Creators Fund. These will be proposals that enable artists to apply for funding to launch projects on the platform.

Exclusive future drops — Whitelist participants will have exclusive access to future merch drops, artist collections, etc. The Whitelist will be maintained long after the public platform goes live and will continue to be leveraged to provide all members with unique opportunities well into the future.

Whitelist applications will go live tonight at 9 p.m. ET. At that time, posts will be made in the official AXIA Telegram and Discord communities, as well as across the AXIA social media channels announcing the launch of the Whitelist and details on how to apply.

AXclusive is the start of something special for the AXIA community. It will intersect the worlds of economics, culture, music, art, and can be a creative hub for existing community members while also serving as an amazing onboarding tool for new participants for years into the future. The best part? We can build it together.