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April 20, 2022

AXIA 101: April Founder’s Update


The big moment is almost here.

On April 28, 2022 the AXIA blockchain will officially be introduced to the world.

This milestone achievement for AXIA and all of its partners will be the project’s most important accomplishment to-date. It is the inflection point through which the AXIA Ecosystem can truly begin to come to life in a way that can make a real tangible impact on the blockchain space, and on the world as a whole. The amount of work, dedication and passion that went into making this moment possible can hardly be put into words, though I will make my best attempt to do so here.

I have said it many times but it bears repeating here: the project’s success up until this point would not be possible without the amazing AXIA community. Thank you to each and every one of you for your ongoing support, particularly during the current transitional period for the project as all parties gear up for the migration to the AXIA Network. It is your contagious energy, enthusiasm and continued dedication that motivates and inspires myself and the team every single day. It has meant a great deal to all of us — more than you will ever know, as it is the driving force that has pushed this project forward. We sincerely thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

I would also like to take this opportunity ahead of the network launch to specifically highlight the Ukrainian members of the team. Despite the harrowing conditions and atrocities going on in their country, they are still doing their utmost to contribute as much as they can to the project. Their desire to be part of something that can bring good to others remains, regardless of what is going on in their lives at the moment, beyond inspirational. Their resilience, courage and will to overcome is astounding. The hearts of the rest of the team go out to them and they are always in our thoughts.

AXIA is now evolving into a full fledged blockchain network and ecosystem that can compete with the biggest projects in the space. The AXIA Network has a number of strategic advantages that are built into it right from the moment of network launch, which will only continue to expand over time as a result of its design. The significance of this moment in our history cannot be understated; the AXIA Network launch makes the project bigger and better, and is the launchpad for a brighter future.

While the launch represents a defining moment for AXIA, it is just a starting point. There are so many bigger accomplishments to come in our ongoing journey to bring more and more real and fundamental benefits to people all around the world.

Without further ado, I want to jump into some high level updates covering what you can expect at the end of the month, as well as what is to come in both the short and long-term following the launch of the AXIA Network.

A quick look back

If you read my January Founder’s Update, you will understand how far AXIA has come. From the initial conception of ‘Linkcoin’ to the launch of the ERC-20 version of AXIA Coin last year AXIA, like many crypto projects, has gone through several important transitions and evolutions that have helped transform it into where it is today. The launch of the network represents a move to a new frontier and a chance to put the project on an elevated global stage.

Leading up to next week, AXIA has made significant progress in several different areas over the last 12 months.

Some of these achievements are the following:

Launch of the hyper-deflationary economic model — An incredibly important step in the AXIA journey was the project’s transition to a hyper-deflationary decentralized model in which participation creates benefits that can come from scarcity. This is one of the project’s defining characteristics and sets it apart in a crowded global marketplace. As of this writing, more than 50% of the original supply of AXIA Coin has been burned.

Launch of AXIA Coin Staking Program — AXIA has offered its early adopters and supporters the most favorable staking program in the industry. Anyone participating to-date has been earning up to 192% APR. This rate is also compounded daily to deliver added rewards to all participants each and every day. The initial phase of this program provided a hint to the market as to what was upcoming for the project.

Launch of AXIA Capital Bank/AXIA Capital Bank 2.0 — The fact that AXIA operates its own licensed and regulated digital banking institution sets it apart from the vast majority of other projects in a significant way. AXIA Capital Bank and the recent launch of the upgraded 2.0 platform opens the doors to a wide variety of programs that can work in unison with the AXIA Network to deliver benefits at every turn to AXIA Coin holders. This is still only the early stages of the banking platform; members will be seeing more services and offerings coming online over the short and long term.

Launch of AXIA “Use-to-Earn” (U2E) apps AXplorer (internet browser) and AXchat (encrypted messaging app) both went live, providing users access to enhanced privacy and security all while being rewarded with AXIA Coin daily for the same activities they were already engaged in online. The launch of many more U2E apps are on their way and are part of the long-term roadmap for AXIA. Over time, these U2E apps will not only allow participants to reclaim ownership of their data but will also provide them an opportunity to increase the ways with which they can earn daily AXIA Coin rewards.

Launch of AXIA Network testnet — After years of development, the AXIA Network testnet launched to the world in early 2022. The testnet period enabled in-depth quality assurance testing to be conducted on the network in preparation for its launch later this month.

Many other accomplishments have taken place in addition to those outlined here. Myself and the team have not taken the time to look back and reflect on what has already been done — we are always focused on the next thing at every moment. But all of the accomplishments of the last 12 months have really put the hard work and production of the global AXIA team into perspective. These are incredibly hard working, dedicated and persistent individuals working in every corner of the globe. I am just so fortunate and humbled to be working with everybody on the global AXIA team who work so diligently every single day to bring this vision to life.

Now that we’ve taken a glimpse at some of the past year’s marquee moments, let’s focus on what is yet to come — the world’s first ever hyper-deflationary blockchain!

AXIA Network (short term)

Even before the AXIA Network goes live on April 28, several important updates are taking place that will ensure the long-term viability of the blockchain. Last week, the Steelbird Update was undertaken that included several upgrades and improvements to the network in preparation for the forthcoming mainnet release. In addition to this major update, regular fixes have taken place during the testnet period, including node optimizations, security patches and more. The AXIA development team is working around the clock to ensure the network is functioning optimally before, during and post launch.

Here are other developments to look forward to in the near future when it comes to the network:

Token migration

The new and improved AXIA Network version of AXIA Coin has nearly landed. The team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure a seamless transition of all of the current tokens to the upgraded AXIA Coin. The community and technical support teams will be ready to assist everyone to ensure that they are able to successfully migrate from the old token to the new network coin.

Global exchange trading resumption

AXIA recently announced the temporary pause of AXIA Coin trading on global exchanges so that all parties would have the opportunity to prepare for the technical migration to the updated network and coin. There is a significant amount of work involved in making this migration as seamless as possible for everyone involved.

Exchange trading will resume on global exchanges following the mainnet launch.

The AXIA team is looking forward to forming a number of partnerships with global exchanges going forward. As a result of these partnerships, the AXIA Ecosystem will be introduced to countless new people around the world.

As many of you know already, AXIA will also be launching its own decentralized exchange called AXswap. This is intended to provide an ideal exchange environment while also enhancing the overall benefits for participants of the network and ecosystem as a whole.


In the lead-up to the mainnet launch, the team has regularly highlighted that the AXIA Network will offer real interoperability. One of the ways this will be accomplished is through the forthcoming introduction of AXtend, a bridge that will enable the AXIA Network to connect to Ethereum and other blockchains for cross-chain functionality.

AXtend allows for projects, developers and users on other blockchains to more easily launch on the AXIA Network to take advantage of everything it has to offer. The lack of interoperability is really what has hindered other competing blockchains from gaining adoption due to the time, expense and knowledge required in terms of understanding alternative code languages, etc. AXtend is actually being introduced to the AXIA Network prior to the mainnet launch to ensure it has been rigorously tested and is fully operational come April 28.

AXIA Network Applications

If you read last week’s blog, you reviewed an in-depth preview of all of the AXIA applications that will be introduced to the world following the launch of the AXIA Network mainnet in a few weeks. As a reminder, these included:

AXclusive NFT Platform — NFT Platform with cross-chain trading and fees that are burned. This will further ingrain the network as a major player in the space as it will immediately show off the benefits that AXIA can offer vs. alternatives and welcome other projects, developers and creators into the ecosystem.

AXpay — A system that will become the portal through which global payments can be accepted in AXIA Coin from vendors, merchants and peer-to-peer via in-person, online and B2B transactions. There is also the accompanying innovative loyalty program that will be part of AXpay, as well.

AXswap — A decentralized exchange that will offer the most favorable environment for AXIA Coin and other tokens in the entire space.

AXelerator — A token launchpad that will provide entrepreneurs and developers with the ability to easily launch their projects to the world with a full marketplace, potential partnerships, participation and growth opportunities.

So many other applications are also in the pipeline but we cannot give everything away on some of these just yet. Just know that there are many more exciting surprises to come in 2022 as new platforms and products get introduced to the community.

AXIA Network (long term)

The long-term roadmap for AXIA, AXIA Coin and the AXIA Network has come into focus. The official project roadmap will be published shortly at and will outline much of what is to come in the future. It will be constantly updated as AXIA continues to expand and grow in order to provide more and more utility and benefits for its global participants.

The AXIA Network is, as we know, the world’s first ever hyper-deflationary blockchain. It has combined the best features of legacy blockchains with the technological advancements in the space over the last few years, which will truly make it the best of both worlds. As a refresh, it was specifically designed to solve the following inefficiencies in the blockchain space:

Poor tokenomics — the hyper-deflationary system of AXIA provides a superior alternative as compared to what exists today and delivers ongoing benefits to everyone participating.

Congestion/slow network speed — The AXIA Network is rocket-fast without sacrificing security on behalf of all its users.

Lack of interoperability — AXtend provides a bridge to Ethereum and other blockchains to allow for a full cross-chain experience. This doesn’t even speak to how AllyChains can connect directly to each other and the CoreChain simultaneously.

Lack of inclusivity — Anybody with internet access and a mobile device can become a Validator or Nominator on the AXIA Network.

Environmental damage — The AXIA Network is far less damaging to the environment than legacy, proof-of-work and alternative proof-of-stake blockchains.

By specifically engineering the AXIA Network to overcome the primary barriers to mainstream adoption of blockchain, AXIA can establish itself as a force to be reckoned with in the space for the foreseeable future. Its primary principles marry inclusivity, sound tokenomics and superior technology to create a long-term sustainable solution that can be used by people all around the world, regardless of background, socioeconomic status or other factors.


I wrote in my January update that “the future of AXIA is brighter than ever before.” Not only does that remain true today, but it is amplified by all of the work that has gone into the first few months of this year by the project, its team and its partners.

I also said in that update that “AXIA is ready for lift off.” It’s no longer a matter of being ready—it’s time for lift off!

Like you, I am counting down the days until the network launches. It is a period of excitement and will soon be a time of celebration for everyone participating in AXIA. That celebration has been earned, but won’t last long. Now is the time to re-shift focus to what comes after the network and how AXIA can continue to work towards achieving everything it set out to accomplish when the project was initially launched a few short years ago.

On a personal note, my greatest hope is that in some way the people involved with AXIA eventually come to the realization that the narrow pursuit of one’s own self interest is not going to lead to a life that is either satisfying or rewarding. That benefits come from seeking the good in others and that sacrifice, kindness and generosity bring much more contentment and meaning to one’s life.

AXIA was built on the foundation of creating an ecosystem and now a network that can leave a positive impact on people around the world and, in turn, those people can do the same by participating.

This is a future I believe we can strive for. This is the legacy we can leave behind.

The choice is ours. The future belongs to all of us—see you on the other side.