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AXIA has been designed for developers by developers. It is 100% open source and inclusive in philosophy and architecture.


Build your own application-specific blockchain that is connected to the AXIA Network and take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer.

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AXIA offers higher throughput for transactions across the network at low costs, taking DeFi to the next level and building the foundation for the AXIA Ecosystem.

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AXIA allows you to upgrade your AllyChain through decentralized governance.

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AXIA is designed to be highly flexible with many ready to go, plug-and-play modules to enhance your dApp functionality.

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The architecture of the AXIA Network CoreChain, SwapChain, AXChain and AllyChains enables multiple ecosystems to communicate with one another, substantially enhancing the efficiencies of the protocol.

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AXIA provides the highest level of security to all AllyChains, allowing developers to build and launch their own blockchains without the need to be concerned about attacks or other security breaches.

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The AXIA Network provides its own bridge and supports the development of others to enable connection and interoperability with other blockchains and external networks.

Become a Validator

As a Validator, you generate rewards for every block on the chain, while gaining access to the advantage of the unique tokenomics of AXIA Coin, which provide ongoing and growing benefits over time.

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Become a Nominator

Anyone can become a Nominator and earn staking rewards simply by using AXIA applications. Never before has participating with a blockchain been so easy and so rewarding.

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