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Use-to-Earn social sharing and microblogging platform with embedded crypto wallet
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Express Yourself
Share your thoughts, opinions and ideas with a global audience with the click of a button.
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Build Your Network
Engage and connect with other users from every corner of the world that share your interests and hobbies.
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Generate Daily Rewards
Generate daily AXIA Coin rewards by creating and sharing content.
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Portal to Web3

AXpress is a private, secure and encrypted use-to-earn social networking app through which you can communicate with people all over the world easily and efficiently via microblogging.

Versatile content formats

Express whatever is on your mind at a given time on your own terms through text, image, video or audio posts.

Compound rewards

Seamlessly connect to your account to keep track of the rewards you've generated across all of the AXIA apps and transact using the app’s embedded crypto wallet.

AXIA Coin transfers

Send and receive AXIA Coin to other users via embedded crypto wallet.

Data monetization

UBDI will be integrated into AXpress over time, enabling you to opt-in to data sharing pools and finally take back control of your own data.

AXIA Member Center integrated

Your AXpress activity and rewards are automatically connected to your AXIA account via the AXIA Member Center.

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AXpress vs Twitter

A Xpress 1
Daily rewards
Data protection
Embedded crypto wallet
AXIA Ecosystem compatible

Express yourself safely and securely while controlling your own data

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