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Generate daily AXIA Coin rewards with this fast, secure, privacy focused browser that comes with a free built-in VPN
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Private & Secure
AXplorer comes pre-loaded with more secure default settings than alternative platforms.
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The browser has a free built-in VPN and proxy that ensures you won't be tracked while spending time online.
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Daily Rewards
Earn AXIA Coin rewards every day through basic usage like surfing the web, streaming videos, etc.


Browse securely

Enjoy a safer, more private online experience with AXplorer's heightened security settings.

Avoid tracking

Use AXshield to stop being tracked by advertisers and other third-parties while you're online.

Multi-purpose account

Log into the AXIA Member Rewards Center any time to check your balance and claim your rewards.

Data monetization

UBDI technology will be integrated into AXplorer over time, enabling you to opt-in to data sharing pools and finally take back control of your own data.

Rewards Center integration

Your AXplorer activity and rewards are automatically connected to your AXIA account via the Member Rewards Center.

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AXplorer vs Google Chrome

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Earn daily rewards
Secure default settings
Built-in VPN
Data protection
Socially responsible
AXIA Ecosystem compatible

Take back control of your online experience with AXplorer

Download now and start earning AXIA Coin today!