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Next generation payment gateway for businesses and individuals
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For Businesses
Easily integrate a better payment gateway for your business.
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For Individuals
Seamlessly pay for goods and services with AXIA Coin or other currencies.
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Loyalty Programs
Innovative, customizable loyalty programs offering unparalleled rewards.
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Instant settlement

Rapid transactions that are settled in milliseconds.

Custom loyalty programs

Help grow your business with a highly customizable loyalty program that offers greater rewards for both you and your consumers.

QR code enabled

Make and receive payments via a unique QR code that is connected to your AXpay account.

Transaction history

Keep track of all your historical transaction data in one secure location.

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AXpay vs Apple Pay

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Multi-currency crypto/fiat
Loyalty rewards
Instant settlement
AXIA Ecosystem compatible

Send and receive payments in AXIA Coin globally with ease

Download AXpay today and start taking advantage of all the benefits the AXIA Ecosystem has to offer!