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AXIA offers a boundless blockchain-powered digital ecosystem that rewards all participants with its innovative hyper-deflationary currency.

120% APR Staking

AXIA offers a unique staking program through AXIA Capital Bank. Generate rewards of up to 120% APR that are compounded daily.

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Use-to-Earn With AXplorer

AXplorer is a secure online browser through which you can confidently surf the web without being tracked while generating daily AXIA Coin rewards from simple tasks like setting it as your default browser or visiting your favorite websites.

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AXIA Member Rewards Center

Generate AXIA Coin rewards daily via select AXIA Ecosystem apps and visit the AXIA Member Rewards Center any time to view and manage the rewards you've generated.

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The Evolution
of Digital Currencies

AXIA is a new form of digital currency designed to deliver benefits and positive impact for all participants and global community members.

Sound Economics

The economic design of AXIA addresses the inefficiencies of modern currencies through a new hyper-deflationary economic model. The total supply of AXIA Coin constantly decreases as a result of participation, staking and activity.

Sound Economics

Coin Burning

The total supply of AXIA Coin decreases through coin burning, which is enabled by a smart contract that is triggered by different activity in the ecosystem. When participants take actions or receive rewards, equivalent amounts are burned, making AXIA Coin more scarce over time.

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Unparalleled Rewards

From the staking program to a suite of use-to-earn apps, AXIA community members can generate rewards for themselves on an ongoing basis. This enables participants to continually increase their total rewards over time just by doing the same things they were already doing every day.

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Real-World Utility

AXIA seamlessly integrates into the real-world economy; use it anywhere and everywhere globally. AXIA debit cards can be used for tap-and-pay and online purchases. You can also send AXIA Coin to anyone worldwide in milliseconds through AXIA applications.

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It's Time For a Change

What Sets AXIA Apart



Due to the unique hyper-deflationary design, AXIA establishes a better means of exchange relative to other currencies.

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AXIA Treasury

The AXIA Treasury provides an additional layer of support and can act as a supplemental safeguard for the AXIA Network.

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Decentralized activity creates greater scarcity of AXIA Coin, with the potential to deliver consistent benefits back to all participants.



Bringing more credibility and trust to the market through the use of blockchain technology and the real-time reporting.

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Positive Impact

By participating in the AXIA Ecosystem you can enhance the benefits associated with the hyper-deflationary design of AXIA for users around the world.

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No Barriers to Entry

All you need is a connection to the internet.