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Use-to-Earn social networking app with embedded crypto wallet
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Share Content
Create text, photo and video posts, make groups, schedule events and build your own blog.
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Make Connections
Engage with your own network or make new connections around the world with similar interests and passions.
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Generate Daily Rewards
Generate AXIA Coin rewards through basic usage like posting, watching and sharing content
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Portal to Web3

AXconnect is a secure and encrypted use-to-earn social networking app that rewards users for their time, participation and usage—just the way it should be!

Versatile content formats

Create text, photo or video posts and decide whether to broadcast them publicly or only to your connections.

Launch groups

Create groups and invite like-minded people to join and participate.

Schedule events

Share upcoming events with your network to boost attendance and excitement.

Blogging made easy

Create and share blog posts with your network, or publicly across the entire AXconnect platform.

Compound rewards

AXconnect is just one-of-four use-to-earn apps in the AXIA Ecosystem. The more you use, the more rewards you'll generate.

AXIA Coin transfers

Send and receive AXIA Coin via embedded crypto wallet.

Data monetization

UBDI technology will be integrated into AXconnect over time, enabling you to opt-in to data sharing pools and finally take back control of your own data.

AXIA Member Center integrated

Your AXconnect activity and rewards are automatically connected to your AXIA account via the AXIA Member Center.

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AXconnect vs Facebook

A Xemble
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Daily rewards
Data protection
Embedded crypto wallet
AXIA Ecosystem compatible

Make new connections globally and build your network

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