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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AXclusive?

AXclusive is the first NFT platform being launched by AXIA on the AXIA Network. It will feature cross-chain minting and trading, inexpensive gas fees that are burned to provide value for AXIA Coin holders and other exciting features that will be unveiled leading up to launch day.

What currency will be used for minting, buying and selling on AXclusive?

AXIA Coin, the hyper-deflationary native currency of the AXIA Network, will be the primary currency used on AXclusive.

Can anybody mint on AXclusive?

Yes, creators from all different backgrounds and that work in all different mediums are welcome and encouraged to participate on AXclusive.

Can creators set royalty rates?

Of course! Like other popular NFT platforms, participants can set royalty rates that continue in perpetuity to provide long-term, ongoing value to creators.