The First Ever Hyper-Deflationary Blockchain Network

AXIA is the most inclusive, decentralized blockchain to-date. It is scalable, fast and interoperable, with unmatched economics that can benefit people around the world.

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A Next Generation Blockchain With Superior Economics Designed to Foster Mass Adoption

Hyper-Deflationary Tokenomics

AXIA offers a highly favorable hyper-deflationary economic design. The native currency of the network, AXIA Coin, establishes a better store of value through these innovative tokenomics.

Unrivaled Staking Rewards

The AXIA Network offers a never-before-seen value proposition for Validators and Nominators. The hyper-deflationary tokenomics unleash the ability to earn rewards that increase in value alongside the added benefit of a double-compounding effect on AXIA Coins that are already staked due to the ongoing decrease in supply.

Coin Burning

The AXIA Network has an aggressive coin burning model in which the reduction of supply continues to accelerate through any form of participation, activity and staking. With each block that is generated on the Network, AXIA Coin will be permanently removed from existence through the coin burning smart contract. As the network continues to expand, the velocity of coin burning will increase and bring more and more value to all Nominators, Validators and other users of the blockchain.

Inclusive Consensus

AXIA uses a PoP (Proof-of-Participation) algorithm that allows people from around the globe to be part of the network. This enables a greater level of participation and decentralization while employing a highly secure blockchain network.

Scalable and Modular Blockchain

The AXIA Network is modular and scalable by design. The performance and security of the network is fine-tuned to enable developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) simply and efficiently.

Low Fees That Can Decrease Over Time

AXIA Network fees will always remain low as they are inversely proportional to any potential increase in value of the network coin, which exemplifies the value in a hyper-deflationary economic system.


The AXIA Network is designed to offer complete interoperability between both the CoreChain and AllyChains. Bridges are used to connect and operate with other blockchains and external networks.

Energy Efficient

The AXIA Network's PoP consensus mechanism eliminates the need to resolve elaborate computational challenges. This allows the network to avoid excessive energy consumption while still maintaining extremely high speeds and operating at a much lower cost than alternatives.

Mobile-Based Staking

AXIA breaks away from energy inefficient consensus models by offering mobile-based staking. Now everyone can be part of a blockchain network by simply downloading the AXIA Wallet. People around the world can earn staking rewards regardless of their background or tech-savviness by nominating a Validator through a mobile app without the expense or hassle of acquiring heavy energy-draining hardware.

Accessible For All

The AXIA Network was built to be truly participatory and decentralized in order to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream. AXIA removes barriers to entry and makes it easy for everyone to join the AXIA ecosystem, which delivers revolutionary economics and a higher level of security to make it the most resilient, inclusive and rewarding blockchain network to-date.

100% of gas fees on the network are always burned to add ongoing value to AXIA Coin holders. Through this innovative model, a new standard for what is both technologically and economically possible is born.

Build With Ease

AXIA provides ready-made services and the support required to provide the building blocks for innovative dApp creation and expedited speed to market. This, on top of the network's unique tokenomics can increase the level of productivity and likelihood of success for any dApps developed.

AXIA Network Developer Community

Calling all developers: build your project on the AXIA Network and gain access to superior economics and seamless technology that will make your lives easier at every turn as compared with alternatives.

Join the growing AXIA Developer Community for detailed documentation and support. Plus, receive updates about grant programs, hackathons and more!

AXIA Ecosystem

AXIA has already built an ever-expanding ecosystem of applications, use cases and platforms for the AXIA Network. Users receive unprecedented rewards based on participation and activity across the vast ecosystem.